Friday, October 14, 2011

Interracial Romances—can be the steamiest romances

I have found as a historical western romance writer that all of my interracial romances are quite steamy and naturally so. Maybe because of the desperate times, and the knowledge that there might not be a tomorrow. Or maybe just because love is more romantic in the old west. Love Rules just came out in September and is doing well. What makes them different, I’m not sure. But every western I have written is classically steamy.

Jesse Coleman, a confederate officer is asked to bring the “Black Widow” spy into custody. Jesse’s already gotten an elaborate view of Maggie in the spyglass, without her clothes. She is such a young beauty, he can’t imagine why his superior officer would chose him to bring her in. Two reasons really, he’s the best looking officer they have and he knows how to keep his mouth shut.

From the moment they meet, Maggie and Jesse are attracted. Even knowing the relationship is doomed, Jesse can’t keep his hands off of her. Lust or love, he isn’t sure, but he knows he has to have Maggie. But even after making glorious love, Maggie returns to the Federals to inform them. Jesse is faced with her betrayal and his own duty to take her in.

Maggie is sentenced to hang, but circumstances forces the commanding officer to prolong it.

When the war’s over, Maggie’s problems aren’t. She’s in more danger now. The prison guards have sworn to find her and kill her. According to them she has to be punished for all the deaths she caused.

Maggie has one recourse, find Jesse and ask for his protection.

Knowing she fell too hard too fast for Jesse the first time, she’s determined not to make the same mistake. And even though Jesse swears he’ll defend her, he isn’t sure he can live with her new Love Rules.

Can Jesse and Maggie find true happiness through all the dangers they face, and even if they can, will the love rules destroy the love they once shared?

Other steamy interracial books are: Beyond the Dream Catcher, and Always Remember. I have a new trailer for Love Rules, you can watch it here:

Su Halfwerk did the trailer and she is fantastic, she did it with so much class.

Beyond the Dream Catcher is about two half breeds, one raised as a white, the other living with the Shawnee. When Katherine Hightower finds out she is really part Shawnee her entire life changes, but will she follow Chase Rivers to the Shawnee camp and learn to heal the people with her new powers? Find this book at: http://www.decadentpublishing.com Along with Love Rules

Always Remember centers around two sisters, very opposite, one who loves everyone on the farm, and the other who loves her sister’s sweetheart. When Rose Anderson becomes pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is, she suspects the black slave she loves might be the father. But do they have a chance? to make a life in a world torn with war? You won’t soon forget the Anderson sisters. Find this book at: http://www.secretcravingspublishing.com


Tina Donahue said...

I love interracial romances...they have such depth. Your books are wonderful, Rita. Really enjoyed your trailer! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, Su did a great job on the trailer. I am so proud of her work.

Interracial romances are a lot of fun, becuase for one, you are messing with the forbidden fruit so to speak. And in order for the romance to work you need two strong characters that can withstand the problems. Maggie and Jesse are classic in that respect.

And the civil war spells a romantic period I love to mess with. So much emotion in that war, so much riding on the win or lose. To me it is made for romance.'Thanks Tina for having me as usual. I love Sweet N Sexy Divas!

Fiona McGier said...

Almost all of my romances are inter-racial...makes for more interesting relationships. I certainly agree that they can be the steamiest of romances!