Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween - The Sexiest Holiday?

To my mind, the answer has always been yes.

Thanksgiving is about acknowledging our blessings. Winter holidays are about celebrating the best in the human condition. New Years' is just party central.

What about Valentine's Day? I almost hear someone asking.

Valentine's Day is about the hearts and flowers side of love and romance. Valentine's Day is sweet and gentle and cuddly.

Halloween, though... Halloween has always been to my mind the celebration of dark desires and forbidden longings. The changing of the seasons, the nights growing longer, the weather a little chillier. All of it working together to give a thrill of delight up your spine.

Something in me always recognized the sexual side to the holiday.

You could say I was born to be a paranormal romance writer, huh?

Anyone out there with me on declaring Halloween our sexiest holiday?


jean hart stewart said...

I agree completely, all those costumes which you can make as sexy as you want. and who doesn't crave a monster or two? Cute blog..

Tina Donahue said...

Halloween to me is chocolate - sorry, can't help it. I'm an admitted chocoholic!

Adele Dubois said...

Danielle--I hadn't thought about Halloween that way, but you're absolutely right. Many people dress up as their alter-egos on Halloween. They also use the holiday as a reason to dress in provocative costumes. Sexy vampires, sultry angels, wanton witches, etc.

Good post!


Fiona McGier said...

Since women are still judged and called names by men and by other women, Halloween has always been the one day a female could dress as slutty as she wants to, without being insulted. Instead others praise her creativity, while the men hope their costumes are covering enough to hide their reactions to all of the pulchritude on display!

I do find it sad that beer companies have co-opted what was once a fun kids' holiday, and made it into yet another binge-drinking night.