Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Shameless Self Promotion! Double Shot

Okay, I'm really stupid excited about this. This fall has turned out to be insanely busy for me on the release from. I've been incredibly lucky to have not one, or two, but six releases scheduled to hit in the months between September and December.


I'm tired just thinking about it. :) But I am excited for the opportunities I have to share my work. Out of all of the releases, it's my series to Carina Press that has me particularly giddy at the moment. Let me tell you a bit about how it came to be.

Last year, I had an idea. Not unusual for a writer to be sure. This particular idea kept nagging at me though. It hadn't finished cooking in my brain yet. The characters were there, but they weren't quite right. I wanted to tell their story - I needed help.

The help came in the shape of a traffic jam on the 401 from Toronto to home, and a long conversation with my critique partner JK Coi. I talked out the images that I had in my head. The challenges that the three siblings were going to face and how I wanted their partners to come into play. She put me through the ringer with questions, making me spell out their motivation and key plot points. By the time we got home, I had my stories! I intended the book to be a single author anthology, with each sibling having a section.

I wrote the first draft for Double Shot, the first story, in two weeks. This was during NaNoWriMo, so my focus and motivation was there. Book two, A Shot In The Dark came just as fast and the final story Pulled Long took a bit longer at three weeks. I ended up being just a hair under 90k and a completed first draft in seven weeks.

I tucked the story away and enjoyed my Christmas holiday. It wasn't until February and a pitch contest over at Savvy Authors, that I had an amazing opportunity for the book to see the light. With only three sentences, I had to convince the amazing Deb Nemeth she wanted me. No pressure right? Well much to my delight she asked for the full! A bit over a week later I had an offer!! Only catch, they wanted to split the book up into three novellas.

Yeah, I was okay with that. :)

And that brings me to Double Shot! It is releasing from Carina on October 3rd and is the first contemporary I've done set in Toronto. Revolving around three siblings, Paige, Sadie and Ian, we get to see each of them find love while they work through the challenges in their lives.


Coffee shop owner Sadie Long has been lusting after her good friend Paul Williams for years. So she’s more than a little intrigued when he invites her to a business meeting at Mavericks, the sex club where he works. While catering an event at the club is not quite the proposition she was hoping for, her business could use the boost. And she can’t resist the chance to work closely with Paul in such a sexually charged atmosphere. Enter the club’s hot owner, Josh, and suddenly Sadie’s fantasizing about being part of a threesome.

Paul has always wanted Sadie, but never thought she’d see him as anything more than a friend. On the night of the party, he and Josh tempt Sadie to reveal her deepest desire—a desire both men are eager to help fulfill.

Giving in to her sensual side, Sadie enjoys a night of mind-blowing sex. But in the light of day, will she lose Paul as a friend, or gain him as a lover?

Book 1 of the Long Shots series.

You can pre-order Double Shot from Amazon and coming soon from Carina Press.

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Fiona McGier said...

WOW! 6 books coming out back-to-back! congrats on such great exposure! And good luck with sales on all of them!

Christine d'Abo said...

Thank you, Fiona! It sounds wonderful until the reality of the promos hits. I won't do it again if I can avoid it LOL!

Adele Dubois said...

Hi Christine! I wish you many sales and rave reviews with your new releases!