Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kristal McKerrington's Thoughts On Paranormal Romance.

Hello All The Wonderful Sweet and Sexy Diva Blogs Readers, 

Today I wanted to talk about my love for writing my Paranormal Romance series and a little of the genre itself. I just want to share my thoughts with you on what I can see happening and what might help the genre. I write series of Paranormal Romance, such as Highlander Norse God Series and Shetland's Immortals. These are the series that made me fall in love with writing Paranormal books. Ever since I try to make sure that what I do put into the Paranormal Romance genre is different and worth reading.  

Why, would I fall in love with Paranormal Romance and why would I be thinking of the future of it recently?

There is no real rules in Paranormal Romance series other than the obvious ones. There is a chance to push the boundaries of this genre to whole new limits and maybe beyond that if a writer or Author can really invest the story, plot and characters. Plus if your writing in a sub genre of Paranormal Romance then you have a chance to do something other than the standard Vampires, Werewolves, Pixies and Fairies. There is so much that you can do with it, that it reminds me of being in a Candy Store where you don't you just have to type of Candy, you can mix the candies together to create something totally different. 

Lately I have been thinking about the genre as both a Writer, Author and a Reader. When I looked at it in with each of those different hats on I realised something that was a little shocking. I felt slightly disappointed by the range of the Paranormal Romance stuff that I can read as reader. As a Writer/Author, what we are putting out for those readers to read. I also think with those two hats on that its essential that we read the genre that we are writing in so that we know what is working and what doesn't. Cause if you love it as a Reader then that is going to show more in your plots, stories and even characters.

To give you an example. For Shetlands Immortals, I spent two months researching Immortals and realised there was very few Immortals stories that didn't involve Vampires, Pixies, Werewolves, Time Travellers stuck in different worlds that I realised an opening. There was nothing with magic, swords, betrayal and a Highlander kind of theme so I took that into my notes and that was how I came up with Shetlands Immortals Books. A series that a lot of Ebook Writers and Authors have enjoyed from start to finish. I might not be even close to finishing my series, but I'm still watching the Paranormal Market closely.

Even when I created Highlander Norse God Series, I created it out of the legends and myths that surrounded the place I grew up. I was more than delighted that I had the chance to do this for those people who have always been fascinated by the Norse Gods, who are never used in the series of Paranormal Romance or really anywhere. I was still scared that it would follow some other curve so I threw something in to keep it very different again, I made it Erotica so that I was taking another Angle of genres under my belt, while giving my books an edge.

This was something that didn't take me too long to get comfortable with and I look forward to writing more Erotica in the future. People enjoyed the tattoo's element that made it yet again different and when I finally get all the stories all together into one book I think it will be the best book I have ever written.

You see, one tool I use to stop myself from becoming stale is, I often ask readers what Paranormal Romances that they enjoy reading and I have to say that today, I would also like to know your thoughts. What is your favourite? What is your favourite type of Paranormal characters? 

All those questions I find essential for when I'm writing Paranormal Series and with another Shetland's Immortals book coming soon to all my readers. I wonder what more characters I should add to the list of Paranormal beings that will be making an appearance in the series. I all ready have Angels, Dragonshifer, A Vampire, Werewolf and some others that will be crossing paths with Carla during her travels around the world. I have Selkies and some other creatures that is associated with the Nordic World, but my aim would to bring all the Paranormal Types together into her series at one point. Hard I know, but I think I might just be able to pull it off.
So today I wanted to take a little bit of time out to stress the importance of having research for when you enter the Paranormal Romance genre. I hope that in that research that more Writers and Authors, will start to ask themselves “What can I give to Paranormal Romance, so the readers have something else to sink there teeth into?”  Maybe even become more adventurous.

Now don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying that I wouldn't write a Vampire, Werewolf, Pixie books at sometime, but if I do then I want it to follow a completely different formula. I do plan to use them as brief appearance characters in my book, yet I think that we all need something a little different. This is what will keep us all fresh and on our toes. I believe that if more of us can do this, that maybe we will want to try outside of the box of the genre so that this hot trend genre wouldn't start to die off. Sometimes we need to keep fanning the flames too keep a fire going and doing something different can help to fan the flames of the fire we don't want to die out yet.

I just hope to see more different stuff coming out in such a wonderful genre, so that in 2 or 3 years time we all aren't asking. 'Why has the Paranormal Romance genre died out?' Something to think about since Country themed genres, Contemporary romances as well as other genres are now struggling, because people just got sick and tired of the same old stuff being done in those genres. 

Now for some fun, I would love to hear what characters that you would like to see crossing paths with Carla? I have also got some more stories that I will be working on for the Highlander Norse God series and will be looking to do one huge book full of there stories. So make sure that you keep an eye out for that coming.

Thank you for coming out today and I look forward to reading your thoughts on this blog and what you would like to see. Sometimes I always think its easier and better to ask the reader what they want then it is to just try and guess. What do you all think?

Kristal McKerrington.  


Tina Donahue said...

Research is always essential, even in paranormals, to give readers a grounding in reality. Good luck to you, Kristal, with your series.

Kristal McKerrington said...

Thank you Tina and thank you for reading my blog :D

jean hart stewart said...

I write paranormal too, at least mostly, and think it's a lot of fun. Fun to let my imagination a little more free than with historicals. Good luck with your new books.