Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Appreciation by Rita Hestand

Since 9/11 just passed and I attended a funeral for a friend this past week, I’m feeling lonlier and think about all the friends I have and hope I never take for granted. Wanted to tell you how writers are about things.

I find myself sinking into writing and ignoring the outside world a lot and this means I ignore my friends so I can work. We as writers do feel bad about that, especially when something like a death wakes us up and makes us realize that you can’t take life for granted.

Not that I want to get morbid, but sometimes we go into our writing mode and life passes by unnoticed. We don’t mean to be neglectful, but it does happen. I’d like to take this time today to tell each and every one of you, including all my on line writing buddies that I do love and appreciate you. You do mean a lot of me. More than you all know.

Writing is a solitary life at times. We don’t mean it to be, but it is. It is a lonely job, but not lonely too because the people we associate with a lot is in our heads. And stay there till they can come out on paper.

So this is a private note from me telling you all how much you are loved and appreciated by us…the writers.

On a livelier not, I had two releases this month and both are doing well. Wanted you to check out Better Off Without Her and Love Rules. Both from different publishers.

I waited with baited breath as a friend read Better Off Without Her, my first serial killer in the old west book. Jo-Ann Sherman loved it and here’s a quote from her.

"Hi,I just got finished with the book. I read all day. I tell you what "Better Off Without Her" is a MUST read. People who enjoy your writing should read this book.. Great Job!!"

How could I ever replace a friend like this. Just wanted you guys to know it and let you know I love you all.


Tina Donahue said...

Sorry about your loss, Jean - it's always difficult for those we love to leave us.

Congrats on your two titles - love your covers! :)

Anonymous said...

Yo Tina, it's me Rita. But thanks Tina. Linda was a special lady and she is in a better place today, however, I will miss her great conversations and her dog, who looked more like a sheep.
Love and blessings

Sarah J. McNeal said...

It is difficult to keep up with friends and family when we're in our writer caves with our "imaginary friends." Our friends on paper are always kind and generous--safe.
I have to confess that often times I make myself call up friends and make lunch dates with them and the same with family. If I don't put some effort into my real relationships, they'll become weak and may even evaporate. Not a good idea. Writing is important but never as important as the real people in our lives. I am a human being first, a writer second.
A very sincere and thoughtful post, Rita.
Big congratulations on your 2 new releases. That's amazing.
All good things to your corner of the universe, Rita.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sarah, that's a good habit to get into, taking the time to talk and see your friends is important. A lot of times schedules and edits and writing itself can shut you off or shut you down from life. We have to remember that writing is a job and there is time and place for everything. Sometimes that's hard on us. But not appreciating is even harder.

Love and blessings to all

Fiona McGier said...

I guess I'm in another place from all of you...working 2 jobs means I have so little time to write that I treasure when I can "close the door" and disappear into the realities in my mind, which are so much more interesting than my real life!

But I also make time for friends, because without them, without their sharing our journey, life is so much less fun. And friends does include my often-neglected husband! ;-D

Anonymous said...

You are so right Fiona, husbands are included in that. They do get neglected by us writer wives. I was lucky, my husband was into all kinds of hobbies so he rarely felt neglected, and usually let me know when he felt that way.

I sure do miss him now though. He died in 2006 an my best cheerleader is gone.

Love and blessiings