Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sexy Women of Long Ago

As usual I’m juggling my schedule trying to get it all done. I’m about to give a speech on unsung heroines, and one of them will be Mary Wollstonecraft. The original woman’s libber, believing in freedom for women in all matters, sexual as well as political.

She fascinated me because she lived from 1759-1797. Not a great time to believe women had as much right as men to actually think and feel. Her main treatise, The Vindication of the Rights of Women, was a sensation when it was published. Ah come on, women capable to running their own lives? Political viewpoints actually allowed? By weak, emotional, undereducated women? What radical nonsense.

Mary eventually married her long time lover, the year their daughter was born. That daughter, incidentally, is the Mary Shelley who wrote Frankenstein.

Here’s my own liberated woman in my latest book, out next week from Passion in Print. It’s called Quest for Magic and comes out August 9th in both print and e-form. Yay!!! I love Jono and Hayley, hope you do too.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Exulting, Jono lowered his lips to hers and let some of his ardor free. Opening his mouth, he licked and teased her lips until she opened hers. Still careful, he tentatively advanced his tongue into her warm crevasses, and when she didn’t stop him he loosened more of his passion and caressed every nook of her sweet mouth. To his delight, she seemed to like this kind of kissing and quickly turned enthusiastic.
She sighed his name, a whispered plea.
Knowing his control was slipping, Jono turned his mouth to her breasts.
Looking into her dazed eyes, he began to undress her. She made no protest, although her whole body blushed. Like a ripe peach about to be plucked for his pleasure. Watching her reactions, he set to this most pleasurable task. With delight, he saw she wore nothing but a slip and panties. Her nipples showed plainly erect and he lowered the straps to her slip and his mouth to the peaks.
She moaned and tried to twist away, but he held her firm and assaulted every inch of her breasts and then moved his mouth to her flat stomach. He licked her belly button and she caught her breath with a small shriek. He moved his busy mouth again, spreading her with his legs with one knee as he kissed her along the upper insides, growing ever closer to his heart’s desire.
She watched him through gold tipped lashes, as he strove for more self-control than he’d ever exerted. He wanted her so fevered she’d explode with him.
Exulting, he watched as she squirmed under his touch. His love was a treasure. With a sudden certainty, he knew she’d always remain enticing to him. He had only to convince her by his passion she was all he’d ever want.
She began to try to touch him everyplace he’d touched her and he gave in to a raging delight.
“I need to get some clothes off too, love.”
With a dazed look, she nodded and he quickly stripped down to his undershorts. Hayley looked at him in seeming wonder, as she stroked his chest and then put her inquisitive hands to his shorts. Her touch nearly made him lose control, and he took her hands and held them.
“Let me, love. You’re about to unman me.”
“But you’re so beautiful” she murmured. He gave her an agonized look. She obviously had no idea how she affected him. But she kept her hands still for the moment and he managed to step out of his shorts and expose the largest erection he’d ever experienced. No wonder, he’d wanted only her for so long and now he was about to have her. He hoped.”


Tina Donahue said...

What a fascinating blog, Jean - had no idea Mary Shelley's mother was such a trailblazer. :)

Great excerpt too!

Adele Dubois said...

Excellent post! I love reading about the women who started the Suffrage movement. The best book I've ever read on the birth of the Women's Rights Movement is THE LADIES OF SENECA FALLS by Miriam Gurko. It's a must read for all women. Mary Wollstonecraft has her own chapter in the book. I'm sure you would love this title!

Good luck with your release!


jean hart stewart said...

Thanks, Tina. I'm haviang fun collecting material on this. And Adele, thanks to you...I haven't heard of this book and will definitely get it. Just what I need. Jean

Fiona McGier said...

Women's liberation is a chief reason why I don't like to write or read historical romances. My heroines are alphas all the way, and in the past, strong women had to learn to be manipulative to get their way. I prefer being open and upfront.

Great excerpt for a first-time encounter! Are they humans or fey?

jean hart stewart said...

I agree with Fiona that heroines should be feisty and I think they can be no matter the period. We have a lot of very interesting women who led the way. I think a true alpha hero can learn to appreciate an alpha heroine. Oh, and my protagonists are human.. Thanks so much for commenting...Jean