Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Interviewing the Muse - Rawiya

 Greetings Sweet & Sexy. Welcome to another post by me, the weird one, the crazy one, multi personality author, known by few as Sharita Lira.

Last month I started interviewing my muses. The first was Michael Mandrake, today is Rawiya which is the closest to me as far as personality, and in September, snarky and wicked, BLMorticia.

First of all, for those of you who don’t know, here’s a little something about The Triad

The Triad, otherwise known as the characters in the head of Sharita Lira are three separate muses that are the driving force behind her small amount of success. Misses Lira sees her own life as one that is very ordinary, so instead of presenting herself out to the world, she created three personalities that continue to haunt her all hours of the night to get several WIP’s done at the speed of light, and push her to the brink of sheer exhaustion, but she loves it and that’s the reason she hasn’t told them to get the hell out her head.

SL: Alright then, I welcome you again to SNSD where I’m interviewing the not so crazy or snarky muse. She has a sense of humor, the most sensual and is in love with Duran Duran like me..

Rawiya: *giggles*

SL: Welcome my twin sis.

Rawiya: Thanks Sharita, I think you could almost say I’m like the imaginary sister you never had.

SL: That’s true. Tell SNSD more about Rawiya.

Rawiya: I’d be, as you said, the one that’s most like you as a person. I’m married with kids, I can be dirty and sweet, I have secret fantasies I’d like to fulfill, and I like a little of everything, m/m, m/f, f/f, mmf *laughs* When you read something more on the sensual side, it usually appeals to me first.

SL: Very true. What would you say is the best story we’ve written together so far?

Rawiya: I’d say the latest Lessons in Ink is a candidate. We have a little work to do on that one. The mmf Living in the Now. I’m glad you finally figured out that voice issue though. We were starting to sound alike. *raises an eyebrow*

SL: I almost have that figured out Rawiya. Can you tell the readers what your name means?

Rawiya: Storyteller. I believe you picked it when you decided you needed another name besides BLMorticia. It was also before you picked Michael Mandrake.

SL: Yep and tell the fans what you are known mostly for?

Rawiya: Oh well, besides being the one that always does anthologies, I guess you could say the fanfiction muse. I love DD just as you do and a lot of the stories we collaborated on in the forum on Livejournal and on the site, became pretty popular.

SL: Which one is your fave?

Rawiya: *Crosses legs and tugs on skirt* I think I’d say the story called Matter of Feeling. We also did a paranormal weird one called Lady Xanax which was about a fanfiction writer who’s a manic depressive and commits suicide. While in a coma, she’s in the space between, you know, they say, the afterlife, and she meets the guys. *blushes* Very dark and emotional with a very bittersweet ending. That is my fave.

SL: Me too and our friends and fanfiction fans love it too. Would you say FF is important to a writer’s development?

Rawiya: I definitely would. I mean, some people don’t know anything about it but having people comment and say it’s great, read along with you and give you pointers is very refreshing. It’s a confidence booster, definitely.

SL: Do you still write it?

Rawiya: Nope, that falls on your other muse… *winks* You know you might have way too many.

SL: You might be right. You all have a purpose though. So, tell everyone what you’re working on.

Rawiya: *smiles* Oh yay, I get to talk about me and my work. I feel like the third wheel a lot. I do have an mmf in progress called Trois in Treble, the series, Something New on the Menu with BL from Naughty Nights Press and I’m sorta helping Michael with African Sun. I also have Masquerade series which we need to get back to and the aforementioned Lessons in Ink.

SL: Awesome. Last question, give me the biggest difference between you and BL.

Rawiya: *laughs* BL is the true wicked gal, all into the sexy stuff that’s taboo, snarky and smartass, she’s like the anti Rawiya, the bad girl. We all get along famously but BL dances to the beat of her own drummer. When we chat, I know you find it hard to believe but we do, she has the most weirdest ideas but we love them. Her latest, You Don’t Ask, series, I never would’ve done that. *laughs* My Lieutenant is her sweetest story as is Something Fresh, Served Hot. Her new ideas will knock your socks off.

SL: Wonderful. Thank you do much dear for sitting with me today. Why not give us a sample of the latest WIP.

Rawiya: Thanks bosslady. *waives* Here’s a bit from MMF Trois in Treble. (not pro edited)

She sat in her dressing room, applying the rest of her makeup after combing her black curls down to her shoulders. The dress she donned was a sexy black number that left little to the imagination with a neckline dipping far down the middle of her chest, revealing an ample bosom that got more than just a few stares. The dress fell right above the knee with two splits on the sides, showing her curvaceous caramel thighs. The singer always dressed not only to please herself but the men around her as well.
She’d been waiting to replace her lost lover for some time now. The loneliness was making her cranky which at her age shouldn’t have been an option.
Dina was told there might be some talent scouts in the house. This may have been the night for her to finally catch a break.
However, Dina wasn’t sure she wanted to meet any big time producer or record company person since she desired to do something a little contrary to what she’d been singing.
Although she covered R&B and jazz artists in her sets, she really wanted to try her hand at popular music. No, she didn’t desire to be the next Madonna, Lady Gaga, or Beyonce, she wanted to make her own way or with a pop band, doing something totally fresh and eclectic. Nothing anyone would expect with her caliber of voice. She had pipes that were compared to Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston but that kind of music bored her.
Dina wanted to do something new and earth shattering.
If only she knew who to contact for that to happen. 


Tina Donahue said...

I love your interviews, Rawiya - looking forward to the one in September. :)

Rawiya said...

Thanks Tina, I love doing the muse interviews. :D

Liz said...

very cool Rawiya/Sharita! I love getting to know more about all your personalities and books.

Rawiya said...

Thanks Liz for stopping in

I have only 3 thank goodness, not counting the fanfiction muse... ;)

Sarah J. McNeal said...

Girl, I tell ya, your interviews of your writing personalities is like reading The Three faces of Eve. How do you ever keep up with each one? It would boggle my mind--as if my mind were in reality zone to start with. Don't you have three websites and three email ID's? Just too much like work for me.
It's so interesting to see how you individuate each of your noms de plume.
All the best to you, Rawiya.

SJ said...

This was really cool and very interesting, Shar! Thank you for sharing this side of your writing personality with us. Lots of fun!


Rawiya said...

@Sarah. I like that, the 3 faces of Eve. Laughs!

I know, its the only way I do differentiate. They all have a trait of mine and run with it. Rawiya is the closest to me though. Its fun having a talk with them.

TY for visiting

Rawiya said...

@Sammy Jo.

Thank you so much for stopping in.

I love my muses

Fiona McGier said...

Rawiya, all of us authors have "voices" in our heads. Yours are just more clearly-defined. And each of them specialize in their own kind of stories. Way cool.
Thanks for sharing.

Rawiya said...


Thanks so much.

It is true, they are.

And I've finally figured out what they all like so it makes it easier for me to keep them straight!