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Freedom Is Earned Has Come Back To Sweet and Sexy Diva's Blog

Dear All Sweet and Sexy Diva's,

This month we will be discussing and looking at the first book I ever published. The Hip Hop genre book that takes the rough grind side of Street dancing to the fore front of the Romance world. This so far has been my best book and this is the one that the Readers all get in touch with me more than any other book so this is a real treat for you.

Freedom Is Earned was the first book I ever published and it was what got me my contract with XoXo Publishing. It watches the struggles of Amber as she over comes the odds with Romance and physical challenges to lead her crew to victory and to save them against them being disbanded there is special guests appearances from Marie, from Marie's Tales and Layla from A Different Life as well. Nothing is what it seems in Freedom Is Earned. Can she really earn the freedom that she is desperately seeking.

Freedom Is Earned Blurb:-
Freedom Is Earned
What would you do if you saw two Street Hip Hop crews face off? Would you recover from a shooting, then go on to lead your dance group to victory; not only to save your training ground, but to find out who tried to kill you? In a love triangle of lies, who would you turn to? What would your life be like after a showdown like that? A confrontation that could tell you who tried to kill you, and disband the very people who were behind the attack: would it be worth the risk of you losing a crew that you had built up yourself with your own bare hands? Welcome to Ambers life in 'Freedom Is Earned'where its all about the Streets and what you have to do to survive?Can you heart take the heat?

Here is a an sneak peek at the book itself that has had some of my old crew members talking for weeks.

Chapter 1: Dinner of Wills

Grabbing my shoulder bag, I ran out of the Youth Centre hall while the bag thudded against my back. I was rushing because I knew that, if I were late again, my mother would be sure to go off her head on me. I hurried toward my beat-up Land Rover that everyone continued to call a tractor, even knowing how badly the name wound me up.

Yanking the door open, I threw my dance bag in the back and then leapt into the front seat. My hands were shaking frantically, yet I still tried to shove my key into the ignition. After several fumbling attempts, I finally got it in and prayed she would start.

Come on, Baby, don't let me down.‖ I spoke softly while I turned the key, awaiting the noise of her jumping into life, and was shocked when she did just that on the first try. I didn't take time with my seat belt nor bother to stick on the radio. I just pulled away from the car park. I leaned forward to see through the thin icy screen, heading toward home, where I just hoped that my mother would be in a good mood.

My mother was a weird woman really; she couldn't stand people being late or rude. She had a reputation in our small village of being a woman with principles, but she was very laid back when it came to having a good time. She was in a lot of ways all about appearances to all the age groups of the village. The friends she had saw her as a fun-loving person, while she played the overbearing parent to the other parents in the village. It had been my brothers‘ and my belief that she could have made a career as an actress if she hadn't gotten married so young.

Baby, my dear truck, had been my life for the past year, prior to which I had scrimped and saved to buy her for just two hundred pounds. Afterwards, I had realised how much work she truly needed, so I had taken up two jobs; one working at the local pub, The Parrot, the other as part-time dance instructor at the local youth centre.

Turning up the road that led to my family home was a steep hill. My mother and father had moved out to be closer to my sister, Andrea, who lived two boat trips away. Now my mother was back for a long weekend, which she did once a month to make sure that my brothers and I hadn't destroyed the house.

Dashing out of the car, I was hit with the newer, colder air and somewhat harsher winter winds of the day. My body shook from the continuous bombardment of the freezing blasts that were flying around the nose of the car to hit me squarely in the face. Fighting the wind now, I made my way down the path toward the front door going as fast as my tired legs would take me. I was determined not to burn out until I laid my head down on the pillow at the end of my shift at The Parrot.

My bare skin stung bitterly with the renewed strength of that icy wind through our small village that was so famous around our country.

Stopping in the shelter of the front door, I grabbed the handle, then took a deep breath. I knew what lay on the other side of that door and the questions that I would have to answer when I arrived inside.

Questions about the classes I was teaching and trying to make sure that I was helping the reputation that my chosen form of dance had. She would also be quizzing me on my hours at the bar making sure I wasn't overdoing it, but then would complain if I didn't have the money for all the bills.

I hope that you enjoyed Freedom Is Earned today. You can buy it directly at Amazon or XoXo Publishing along with any Ebook Store on the Web currently.  This week I also put in a special shout out onto my Live Show that you can catch every Friday over at www.justin.tv/kristal_mckerrington and you can also see the old shows from there too. It was an honour to be back again this month. Next month I will have even more treats for you including the news from my trip to England. Peace out to all of my Sweet and Sexy Diva's. 

Kristal McKerrington 


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