Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ball of Confusion=Planet Earth

Recently I was having a spirited discussion via e-mail with my sons and my husband, about the problems with the economy, and by extension, the world. One son said that it seemed to him that we all forget that all around us are confused people who don't know how to solve any of our problems...some seek answers in religion, but that's wrong because religion should be a quest, not an answer. Seeking to know God is the purpose of life, but there are no easy answers, and each answer is individual. Some seek answers from the government, but that is made up of people just as confused as the rest of us. Some seek answers in alcohol or drugs, in gambling, in just about anything that can be done to addiction-rates, because those provide what appear to be easy answers, or at least a temporary relief from the pain of asking questions. Some zealously hold onto all of their money because they don't know any other way to live, and the idea of giving some of it to help others, either via donations or enforced taxes, scares them too much. We are all scared and anxious and no one has the answers. We are living on a "Ball of Confusion".

Remember that song by the Temptations from 1970? Google it and there is an excellent u-tube video with images from our current time, shown along with the song being sung by the original Temptations. Remember these lyrics?

"Segregation, determination, demonstration,
Integration, aggravation,
Humiliation, obligation to our nation.
Ball of Confusion.
That's what the world is today." (Copyright 1970, Jobete Music Company, Inc.)

The words could have been written today. Yet each of us has no choice but to continue living our life as if these problems weren't so insurmountable. The rich/poor dichotomy has been with us since the first caveman had more meat to eat than the other one...one might have tried to kill the other for it, and you can bet there was a woman who was willing to sleep with the winner. The beginnings of romance?

We each try to find our own answers and hope fervently that we won't be judged too harshly in the afterlife for anything we might do wrong. Along the way we seek to find love, because to feel love and be loved is the only real security we can have. And love is available to even the least among us, as it is to those who have the most.

What was it the Beatles sang? "All You Need Is Love." More words as true today as the day they were written. And as authors, we seek solace in doing what John Lennon asked us to do: "Imagine".

In my latest book, I once again have an inter-racial romance. I guess I'm an eternal optimist, thinking that somehow if we can just remember that we are all humans, then color/race/nationality/religion will take a backseat to our essential shared humanity. The heroine is what euphemistically would be called "a free spirit", meaning that in college, she enjoyed the selection of eligible men so much that she joked she was trying to get the college to let her minor in sex! The hero is on a hardship scholarship that only gives him one chance to escape the ghetto he was born into, and he is determined not to waste it. A chance meeting brings them together, leading to a night of passion, which becomes a weekly affair. Just when they both acknowledge what they mean to each other, they graduate and she moves to another state. Years later, in the middle of a divorce, he decides he needs to find her again, to see if they can rekindle what they had in college.

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Tina Donahue said...

Wow - you've nailed it, Fiona. We're in a hell of a mess. I believe a lot stems from lack of personal responsibility. Now, I'm not talking about criticizing a disabled person for not being able to work. There will always be individuals who'll need outside help. And we should help them. I'm talking about the victim mentality in this country. No one is personally responsible for their actions anymore. It's everyone else's fault. People breed without any thought as to who is going to support all those kids. Those on Wall Street and in the banking industry scream about regulations, promising to police themselves. They didn't. They won't. They'll continue to rob us all blind if we let them.

The answer isn't in religion, God, booze, pills or entitlements. It's within ourselves. We all need to be responsible adults for a change. We need to take care of ourselves (let's face it - most of us can) and not put the burden on others. We also need to stop catering to the ultra wealthy, lobbyists, a do-nothing Congress and the religious right that seems intent on turning our republic into a theocracy.

Something has to change and fast.

Great post, Fiona. Wishing you many happy sales with your book. It looks like a sure winner.

Delaney Diamond said...

Unfortunately, what you've said is true, and I don't see it changing any time soon. I guess we have to make the best of what we have.

The book sounds great. Looking forward to reading it!

jean hart stewart said...

Fiona, you and Tina hit it on the nose. All we can do is live our own lives so they somehow ease the path for another, and hope it gets passed along. Occassionally I forget my cool and wish I could strangle some of the banking and Wall Street reprobates and other hypocrits. Jean

Fiona McGier said...

Thanks for the comments, ladies.
Tina, I agree, adults need to act like adults and be responsible for themselves. There would be no need for illegal immigrants to take menial jobs if everyone who needed a job was willing to take whatever was available! I'm a certified teacher and I'm working retail because with 3 in college, we need the money! I'm trying not to have to stoop to putting on a paper hat and asking if you want fries with that...but if I have to, I will!

Thanks for the support, Delaney. I love the way you share insights and websites with other authors, like me!

Jean, many times I wonder if it really should be a crime to "off" people who are like some romance heroines, "too stupid to live"? Or too mercenary and destroying too many lives in the pursuit of personal gain? That really should be a crime, since it's a crime against humanity!

Hales said...

That is a great post! I have got to get this one :P I wish I could've minored in sex too lol!

Fiona McGier said...

Hi Hales, good to hear from you. And thanks...I won't be sharing any anecdotes from my own college days, but suffice it to say that this heroine would be somehow familiar to a lot of my old roommates! ;-D

pat said...

Who was it that said "Most men live lives of quiet desperation"? Most of us are good-hearted people just trying to live our lives the best way we know how and help those we can. At least that's waht I like to believe!