Sunday, July 24, 2011

So which season gets you more in the mood for romance?

Is it fall, with thoughts of back-to-school making you think of the new kids you would meet each year, inevitably falling in love with someone "over your pay grade", who wouldn't even notice you? Crunching through the leaves, enjoying the changing weather, feeling the chill in the air, making you think of hot chocolate and warm fuzzy sweaters?

Or is it winter, with all of those opportunities for snuggling against the cold? The drinks/food/camaraderie of holiday occasions? Ice-skating, sledding, snowball fights, then coming in with cherry-red noses, warming yourself by the crackling fire? Afghans wrapping around you and that special someone, to enhance the warmth generated by your mutual body-heat, which raises the closer you press your bodies together.

How about spring, with the excitement of the changing of the season, from one that makes you want to stay indoors all of the time, to one that makes you want to be outside feeling the warm sunshine on your face? Rebirth is an important theme in spring, and new loves are a perfect accompaniment to dodging raindrops in April, and walking through fields of flowers in May.

Then there is summer...which I have to admit, used to be the season I liked the least. But I got married in late June, on a hot, humid day, with thunderstorms threatening our outdoor dining arrangements, making the tent all but collapse a few times. Since then I have learned to love the sound of thunderstorms and enjoy the feeling of anticipation when the air is heavy with moisture and you can smell the rain before it starts. There's nothing like the sound of raindrops on a camper roof, lulling you to sleep with the knowledge that you are comfortable and dry. And while we are at it, when it's too hot to sleep, there's always that other fun bedroom activity you can do! You are already sweating anyway, so why not enjoy the lack of flannel pajamas and raise your body temperature so much that once you are done you will feel all cooled off?

Here's to summer romance, the kind that makes you remember hot, sweaty, sticky nights, along with the pleasure of resting in each others' arms afterwards.

In my latest book, Two For Tuesday, Marcus is reminiscing about back in college when he and Melanie were f**k buddies who gradually fell in love. What started out as a one-day-a-week-fling for them has become important enough to him for him to start an argument with her over her still seeing other men. Afterwards they made up with explosive sex until her roommate came home and threw them out of the apartment. They retired to his dorm room where he convinced his roommate to spend the night in the commons area, so they could have more sweaty, screaming sex.

Since Marcus didn't have anything to drink in his room, he snuck out into the hallway to fill a water bottle, then returned to find Melanie had stretched out on the bottom bunk, which he had told her was his bed. He joined her and despite it being a tight squeeze, they settled comfortably into each others' arms.
“I'm not sure if I can sleep like this all night, though,” Melanie said after a while during which they'd run their hands over each other possessively. “I'll get a crick in my neck from having it bent up to rest on your shoulder.”

They separated then, lying side-by-side on the small, twin bed. They lay in silence for a while before Marcus spoke softly. “Melanie? Are you asleep?”

“Almost. Why?”

“Did you really sleep with a professor and both of his sons?”

There was a snort of laughter. “Do you really want to know the answer to that?”

“I…I guess not. Forget it.”

Melanie turned to lean on his chest. “Marcus, look at me.”

He could barely make out her face in the moonlight streaming in through the window.

“It was the second semester of my first year here. I was sowing a whole lotta wild oats, what with feeling free of the restraints of living in my parents' house, and being able to stay out all night if I wanted to. I hadn't met you yet. It was years ago. There's no reason for you to be jealous of something that happened before I met you.”

Marcus pulled her face down to kiss her possessively. “I know that. I also know that there's a whole lot of men I could be jealous of, but hunting them down one-by-one wouldn't change anything. It's just that I love you so much. I want you to belong only to me.”

Melanie smiled so broadly with her face against his chest, that Marcus felt her dimples deepen.

“Well, I do now, mister. So you'd better be eating your Wheaties to keep your strength up. You're gonna have to work really hard to keep me happy, since I've never been able to get everything I want from just one man.”

Marcus sighed.



“Think you're up for it?”

“Again? Now?”

“No, silly man. I mean, for the long term?”

“I'll give it my best shot.”

Melanie nodded, smiling again. “Good-night, lover.”

Marcus was the one to smile now. “Good-night, honey.”

He smiled even more broadly when she slapped him gently on the arm. Then she snuggled back into his side, and soon they were both asleep.

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Tina Donahue said...

Two for Tuesday sounds like my kind of read, Fiona. Great excerpt and post. :)

Delaney Diamond said...

This sounds like a good one, Fiona. And I like fall.


Cheryl Pierson said...

Hmmm, Fiona, good question...which season...Back "in the day" it didn't matter WHEN it was. LOL Now, I'd have to say probably spring or fall. But the right moment is the right moment, no matter what season, right? LOL Great excerpt. It really drew me right in.

jean hart stewart said...

Hard for me to answer, since the seasons don't change as much in So. Cal as other places. Guess I'd still pick summmer. Nice excerpt..Jean

Sarah J. McNeal said...

A very interesting blog, Fiona. Although fall is my favorite season, I think I've given every season a fair shake as a backdrop for a story. In my paranormal series, I created the world of Valmora where one kingdom had eternal winter and another had eternal summer--then there were places in between that had all the seasons.
Two For Tuesday looks like a wonderful book. As always, I wish you every success.

Fiona McGier said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I'm just back from a week in the Boundary Waters area of the north woods up in Minnesota. Their summer is so short you have to enjoy it! But the scenery? The peace and quiet? I didn't want to come home, despite a week with no internet access!