Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Burning From Within: Inside Kristal McKerrington, Takes Over Today

Hello All The Sweet and Sexy Diva's Readers,

Gosh its nice to be back on Sweet and Sexy Diva's today and boy do I have some news for you all. This past week we will saw the Release of my very own story, let loose on the world. I wrote it in the way that I hope will not make people feel sad for me, because all I wanted to do is inspire people. Show them how I got through the Rheumatoid Arthritics and Dyslexia, which is a common thing that I have to deal with on a day to day bases. I came out of the other side and have been able to deal with it.

Here is the blurb from the book and I hope that you will enjoy the teaser about what we will be talking about today.

Burning From Within: Inside Kristal McKerrington
Out Now
Kristal McKerrington, is a young twenty-two year old author, who opens up her heart and her life for her readers in hope to inspire and give hope for Rheumatoid Arthritic and Dyslexia sufferers out there. To show them that there is such a thing of getting your dream. She hopes that by writing this book that she can help raise awareness to all of the sufferers out there and help to show them that determination along with dreaming is all you need sometimes. Learn about this woman, who's over come the odds to become a full time, multi time published author.

I tell all in hope that I can inspire and help people out there, to understand that there is life outside the condition and learning difficulty. My book seems to be coming out at a really important time since people, who are diagnosed with the condition, some of them are now looking to end there lives early. There isn't just that, which makes me feel like now is the right time to tell my story, its also the fact that mild cancer drug treatments seem to becoming the norm for the Autoimmune systems treatments and that is in itself worrying for someone like me.

The mild cancer drugs don't just suppress your problem, these drugs over large portion of time can become useless in your body or in some cases be a reason to why the patients may die younger than maybe they should. There is also a high risk that patients can become infertile and leave having a family out of the question. I want to inspire and give hope to the long term sufferers out there.

Its not just the RA that I talk about, I also discuss the Dyslexia at length. How Dyslexia had an impact on my life and why I didn't let it take over my life. How I have since learned that it can in fact be a gift rather an a curse to, which many people feel like it is? This has become something I want to change along with people thinking that just cause it takes you longer to pick things up that your not as smart as everyone else.

There is a lot to my new book. I talk about how Wrestling became my strength. How we all fell in love with it in the Ward? How my ideals did not just inspired me, but showed me that I was strong enough to over come hurdles?

We have all ready received on review on the book so far and I have copied the link into the blog so that you can check it out below. http://newandgoodreading.blogspot.com/2011/07/book-of-week-7411_04.html
Exclusively, I have an excerpt from the book itself. To give you a taste of what the book has instore for you.
I want to reach out to the RA suffers out there that are about my age or even younger. To help them see that we can still have a semi normal life. Achieve dreams through being strong within yourselves by fighting the condition and dreaming. I would love to go all over the world some day where they can talk to me and I can say to them the words that helped me more times than not. To show them dreams are alive and can be reality.

'Dreams are meant to be dreamt. They can only be achieved from within us and I want to help as many of you as I can achieve those dreams as I can.' Kristal McKerrington.

The RA Association aren't the only ones I want to help. There is the Dyslexia suffers out there too who are having their endless talents missed due to the fact that either teachers, bosses, lecturers, parents or anyone else, because they don't know how to spot the learning difficulty and are missing out on discovering the few talents that are floating about this world. I want to end the hate and fear in school of kids who are different or treated differently by either teachers or students. I want to reach out and help lead the way for that group as well.

I want to do all this, because I care and I don't know who else is willing to do this, but I am. I believe and that is all I need to be able to help those out there.
I hope that today that you have enjoyed the insight into my latest release and I hope that you will feel inspired by what you have read here today. Its been an honour to be here again. I would like to thank the Sweet and Sexy Diva's Blogs for having me. I can't wait to come back next month to see you all again.
The book is available on XoXo Publishing's Store and over at Amazon. So please go and check out the book if you like the sounds of it. Love and hugs to you all.

Kristal McKerrington 


Tina Donahue said...

Wow, Kristal - you've had roadblocks, but you've shown your strength and courage getting over them. Kudos to you, hon. :)

Delaney Diamond said...

It's amazing everything you've overcome and accomplished, Kristal. You really are an inspiration.

Adele Dubois said...

Kristal--You have an amazing spirit. My best to you, always.


Kristal McKerrington said...

Thank you so much Tina, Delaney and Adele it means so much to me to see your wonderful comments on the blog. I hope that everyone will read the book and feel attached to it in some way. Thank you all again for coming out. Kristal x

Redameter said...

What a worthwhile cause to fight for. My mother had the arthritis and my daughters are showing signs of it. My grandson is dyslexic. So I know what you are talking about. I have seen some overcome a lot to go on to succeed in life, and those people should be hearlded as heroes, as they did the hurdles and made their life a success.

God bless you in your achievements in life and may you go on to accomplish those dreams.
Love and blessings

Renee Vincent said...

Kristal, I am so proud of you. Not only have you overcome your obstacles, but you've reached out to help others in need too. You are truly a wonderful woman.

Your determination is unbridled and your generosity is boundless. Because of those things, you will go so far in life.

Great post and good luck on the new release!

Kristal McKerrington said...

Thank you Rita and Renee, I hope that you will check out the book. The stories might help inspire you or might just interest you. Some of the things in there will show you not just what I did to overcome it, but how to certain things made me want to do just that. They might even surprise a few people.

jean hart stewart said...

An inspiring blog and I thank you for it. We all have different things to overcome and your attitude is a model for all of us. Jean

Kristal McKerrington said...

Thank you so much Jean. Its nice to know I have your support. Kristal