Thursday, June 9, 2011

To E or not to E? That is the question.

Anyone who has seen TV or paid any attention to the publishing world knows that there has been a boom in ebook readers. Whether you are a fan or the Kindle, the Nook, or the iPad, or even the older EBookwise, like I have, you are already on board with the ebook craze.

Now, many people are moaning and complaining that this means the end of the printed book. I think that the publishing industry needs to take a good hard look at what is going, and adjust accordingly or perish. Many have already done this. Many authors are taking advantage of this new technology and publishing their own older backlists themselves and getting to keep the large majority of the proceeds.

To me, this is all good news! Why can't we have both mediums side by side? Do we really have to have one or the other? I don't think so. I own both paperbacks and an ereader. Each has its time and place.
PhotobucketI like to tuck a paperback into my purse when I go to a doctor's office or on a road trip with hubby driving. This way, if I drop my purse, I don't have to worry about breaking my ereader. If I lose or damage th book, I can buy another one easily.
I like my ereader when reading in bed. It is backlit and doesn't disturb my husband since I don't need to turn on the lamp. I also prop it up on my treadmill and walk while I read and I don't have to worry about keeping the pages flat.

So, why not have both? Each market can have a piece of the pie and satisfy us all. Print or electronic book...they're all good!


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Tina Donahue said...

With the cost of gas, printing and warehousing, the only way I can see that publishing will survive in this awful economy is to go to epublishing. Let's face it, it's cheaper for the houses and it saves trees. It's change. And I think it's a good thing. Great post, Diane.

Sarah J. McNeal said...

I had to come by and read your blog today, Diane. I love all the graphics you added to it. I like most of my fiction books in E-Book. I take my ebook reader to the doctor's office and I have dropped it--but it lived through that experience. Nonfiction books I like in regular paperback or hardback because I like to highlight and write in the margins for reference and put post-it notes for quick access. My old-timely Sony reader will not let me skip to a page, I have to work through to it so that isn't very helpful for referencing.
I loved Adam's Treasure--and all your books, actually. You're a fantastic author.
I loved your blog today, Diane. Even though I'm deep into some writing of my own, I wanted to take the time to drop in and say hello to you.

Delaney Diamond said...

Why DO people feel like it has to be one or the other? I read digital and paper books. Whatever the reason for choosing one over the other, I think we have the best of both worlds.

Adele Dubois said...

I love to E. I also love to P. Ebook or Paperback. Both formats make me a happy reader.


P.A.Brown said...

I agree. I don't see why one has to destroy the other. For decades we've had hard cover and paperback. Given that hard covers are a lot more expensive than paperbacks, logic would say get rid of hard covers. But they thrived quite nicely. They still make them today and people buy them.

There are books I love on my Kindle, but there are times I want a physical book. The Kindle, for me more than anything else, means I don't have to lug tons of books with me if I'm going away for more than a weekend. I went to L.A. last month for 2 weeks. I didn't take a single book. Next year I plan a 4 week trip. I won't take any books then.

It seems like everytime something new comes along people say it will mean the death of whatever came before. Maybe it's true sometimes, but look back at history -- the movies were going to destroy radio, TV was going to be the death of the movies, the Internet was going to kill everything. Back in the early days of the 20th Century book clubs came into existence as a way for people to get a select number of books cheaper. Publishers of the day howled it was going to wipe them out.

I don't know why we get in this mind set that it has to be one or the other. Why not have them all?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for commenting, everyone. I really don't know why publishing seems to be battling over one or the other. Lets make room for all forms of books. I'm glad to see you all agree.


Tim Smith said...

I have to agree with all the comments but I also feel e-books are the future and the industry must embrace it to continue to thrive. I have an e-reader but there's still nothing like going into an honest-to-goodness book store and drooling over the covers. I also believe both formats can co-exist in perfect harmony.

Great post, Diane!

Tim Smith

Fiona McGier said...

And let's not forget that e-publishing is allowing for more variety of books being published. The big print pubs have ruled the roost for a very long time, and got set in their ways. Readers are showing by their purchases just what they want, and authors via e-pubs are giving them what they want. Yes, all mediums can survive, but then anytime the big guys are losing a piece of the pie, they howl like they are being poked with knives! Too bad, so sad.