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I Steal Steve Lynskey Away For A Chat With Us Diva's!

Hello All The Sweet and Sexy Diva's,

Today I would like to welcome one of the British Wrestling Talent Bookers, Steve Lynskey as part of my 'what makes British Wrestling so hot that its my Spin off series home?' He is currently a booker for a few of the Independent Wrestling Companies Promotional Companies in the UK. He has a huge part in making sure that the shows run smoothly and he also a referee. He's a very busy man, along with his interview I'm also posting pictures of the two day adventure that I  had along with some commentary on them. 

 Without a further a do, please welcome..the...sweet and funny.....Steve Lynskey!

Question 1: Mr Lynskey what is the hardest thing about being a Talent booker and tells
Steve In Action Here As The Referee.

us a little bit about what that is like for you?

Hardest thing is drawing the line with talent, i will always see myself as 'one of the boys' ,
but I'm the locker room leader. My job is to make sure everyone knows what there doing, 
and keeps to there orders.

Question 2: Out of all the Wrestling Talent you have worked with, who has had you laughing the most and who has made you want to pull your hair out? 

I have a lot of good times in the locker room, I had so many laughs with Road Dogg and Rhino this past tour......dont really have too many probs.....but Kash is always keeping me on my toes....and he knows he can wind me up!!! 

Question 3: With your job in the Wrestling World, you get to have a close eye on what effects it, do you think that if the Wrestling World was to start to partner up with the Romance World that it would have an effect on you or how you work? 

Wow can only be good for both right? I think mixing Wrestling in with your Romance World
will add a nice dimension for your book's....and it will pull in a new set of fans into the Romance World....win-win As for the way my job would change? Mmmm tough one that....i guess my cute ass will be seen more.lol

Question 4: What would be your personal thoughts on the two joining together?
Doug Williams (TNA Star) and Steve 

Its always good to try something new, I'm all for trying new things....plus it opens me up 
to a new wider audience 

Question 5: In your mind do you think a Wrestling, Romance genre is a good thing for Wrestling or just going to be more hassle?

Only time will tell....of course it will be easier to infuse Wrestling into the Romance World,
it may be a little more hassle vice versa.

Question 6: Where would you like to see the Wrestling, Romance genre go and why?

Hey I'd love to see my fan base grow....and I'd like to see both genre's grow together
Steve Getting His Grr On At The Gym!

Thank you for answering some of our pressing Wrestling, Romance questions. Now we have some fun questions for you.

Question 7: Have you read a Romance book and if so what was your favourite genre?

I have not read any yet......I have just got some so my cherry is about to be popped ;-)

Question 8: What do you do to relax after a long day working with Wrestling talent?

Well we all chill out, few beers a kebab and feed each others ego's with tales of sex

Question 9: Who's your favourite Authors and why?

Steve with Wrestling Superstar Kid Kash.
I'm big on biographys...but I'm about to read some books by an friend, so I'm looking forward to 
reading some romance! 

Question 10: What's your must see or must attend event this year?

WOW there's a few....but looking forward to October and working with WWE hall of famer Shawn Michaels.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions and we hope to have you back again 
soon Steve. He would love to talk to all of you if your wanting to check out Steve then you can talk to him on his Facebook page:-  
Rhino, me and Road Dogg

Me and Ruffneck. 
My adventure with One Pro Wrestling started in Esemore Port where I met one of my ideals from a really long time ago Kid Kash and Road Dogg. I watched him when I was a young Teenager. He was a great laugh at the Hotel along with a Wrestling Legend Rhino.

Me and NEW HEAVYWEIGHT Champion Lionheart.
I had a great chance to meet many of the well season British Wrestlers like my recent guest on my Blog 'Ruffneck', who I grabbed a picture with here after his match with a set of youngsters

Me and Partner Danny Rodd of One Pro Wrestling.
Me and Kid Kash. 
If I didn't feel honoured enough then the NEW HEAVYWEIGHT champion 'Lionheart' let me grab a picture with him. He was a great laugh and it was nice to have a fellow Scot at these events. I was starting to go mad, because I hadn't  heard many Scottish accents. He spent quite a bit of time talking to me and we became good friends at the event. 

I made sure that I grabbed a picture with one of the fellow supporters of the Wrestling Romance mergers, no other than Parter of One Pro Wrestling Danny Rodd. He did me the great honour by inviting me down to the events and made me feel like I was apart of the whole thing. I couldn't have felt more honoured. We are pictured below together at 'The Road To Destiny Show'. The DVD is now available on www.oneprowrestling.com 

Being at the Hotel with the Wrestlers and the promoters I got to see an inside into all of the areas of it. I saw the girlfriends of the Wrestlers and promoters themselves interact with each other. I saw how close nit a family they had become and it made me realise that the family atmosphere that I have in my books was spot on. 

Even with the triangle of hearts was something that I saw was more than possible in that environment. Picking the Wrestlers brains was the best part and was grateful that Ruffneck was all too willing for me to do it. I was surprised to see the response that I received for my work in the Wrestling Romance genre. Some of the Wrestlers enjoyed the flyers that I gave out.
However that wasn't to be my most up lifting moment. For years me and a my best friend Victor, who had been with me all the way through the hospital part of my life. Got our dream through me. OMay the 27th when I met Kid Kash in the Hotel bar. He was wondering about the restaurant and was just as lost as I was. After our brief meeting I then went on to get an autograph from him that night. 

That was more for Victor than me. I can't believe the influence he had on us when we could only find him on two tapes. We watched those tapes alot though! He inspired me and Victor to fight together. So when Victor passed on and I met Kid Kash I can safely say that it was a dream realised for the pair of us.  A dream only made more special when we had a stare down at the end of his match and he was making his way to the back. Its a moment that I will not forget any time soon.

I don't think a picture would ever mean more to me then this one does. I will be keeping this one for a very long time. After this picture was taken we ended up sharing some drinks in the bar the following night and had several chats. He was definitely the best famous person I have ever met. So I would like to thank him and One Pro Wrestling for making this dream come true for me. 

A quick announcement for you all today. Kristal's Wrestling Fiction is now open for submissions. You can email me at kristal@xoxopublishing.com  for the guidelines. I just ask that you put 'Kristal's Wrestling Ficton' in the subject line. 

Once again, its been a great honour to be here and will see you all next month,

Kristal McKerrington 


Kristal McKerrington said...

It was an honour to go to that events and to do the interview with Steve Lynskey. I hope everyone enjoys it. Kristal x

Tina Donahue said...

Wrestling is certainly a popular sport in the states. You should tell Steve to start reading our romances, Kristal! :)

Kristal McKerrington said...

Oh I'm re-educating them all Tina. Most of them have no idea about the Romance World so I'm teaching them bit by bit. Kristal x

Delaney Diamond said...

You're doing such a good job, Kristal. Wow! And you got to meet all these great wrestlers. Wrestling Fiction is going to be a hit. Congrats!

Savannah Chase said...

What a great interview....It is a sport that takes so much energy and work...Thank you for posting this....

Kristal McKerrington said...

Delaney I hope it goes well too. There is going to be an email address set up just for it. Here is hoping that I will see more talk of it soon.

I'm just grateful that you enjoyed it Savannah and I hope to have more Wrestlers on in the coming months. Just to help promote the 'Kristal Wrestling Fiction'.

Kristal x

Pommawolf Emeraldwolfeyes said...

What a delightful interview and post. I haven't read any of your books Kristal (lovely name!) and have put all your titles on my gotta have list.
How awesome that you got to meet the fellas and talk with them. What a great experience. The guys sound like a a bunch of teddy bears underneath the image of being wrestlers. Its delightful...*S*
Thank you Tina for a blog I enjoy SweetnSexyDivas very much.

Kristal McKerrington said...

Thank you Pommawolf, it was an honour to meet them and it was great that I had the chance. I hope to hear what you think of the books when you've read them.

Kristal x

steve lynskey said...

Thanks for giving me a great interview Kristal,
i hope i can talk to some of the great romance fans soon X

Kristal McKerrington said...

We will have you on my blog really soon. Kristal x

Brenda Hyde said...

Cool post Kristal! I love the pictures:)

Kristal McKerrington said...

Thank you Brenda, it was an honour to be around them for two days. They taught me loads. I can't wait till next month cause I have a heck of a blog for you all.