Tuesday, June 7, 2011


What is it with me and hospitals? I just realized (after 13 novels, what can I say? I'm slow) in almost every one of those novels one or more of my main characters end up in the hospital.

L.A. Heat -- both Chris ends up in the hospital.

L.A. Mischief -- David hospitalized.

L.A. Boneyard -- Chris is in the hospital, allowing David to flirt with infidelity, which nearly puts him in the hospital.

L.A. Bytes -- should have been named L.A. Hospital. It was like a revolving door. It opens with David in the hospital, then Chris is working in one. Then Chris is in the hospital for real after nearly dying. Later, Chris leaves the hospital in search of David. At the very end, both Chris and David are hospitalized.

Anyone think these guys could get health insurance?

Bermuda Heat -- David goes in. He comes out, and at the end Chris is in yet again. No wonder Des calls him a trouble magnet.

Geography of Murder -- Jason is hospitalized.

Forest of Corpses -- it's Spider's turn under the knife

Lynx Woods -- Tyler goes in after breaking his arm in a car accident and gets comfort from Michael, his ex-lover because the man he loves has left him.

Fall Into the Night -- not exactly hospitals, but Seldhun, Nikoli and Lyssra all go into the 'Doc, short for nanobot doctor

None of my historicals have featured hospitals at all. Of course hospitals back then weren't serviced by ambulances, they had no emergency room and you were far more likely to die of an infection caused by the very attempts to save you. The closest one of my characters get to a hospital is a visit to a neighborhood healer.

But the only contemporary novel I've written that doesn't put one of the heroes in the hospital is Man's Best Friend. But I'm not entirely out of the woods (or hospital) since Keith, Todd's romantic interest, is a veterinarian. My short stories and novellas don't have hospitals in them. Maybe there's not enough room to get my heroes injured.

I haven't thought to look for it in other writer's books. Is there anything in your books where something seems to occur in every novel?

Or have you noticed it in authors you read regularly?

I'm just started number six in the L.A. series, called L.A. Storm. I'm going to see if I can do one book that doesn't see Chris or David anywhere near a hospital. Wish me luck. LOL


Tina Donahue said...

LOL - good luck, Pat - however, I don't think anyone's complaining about the hospitals in your previous works. They're just too good for that. :)

Delaney Diamond said...

P.A., that's funny. I have three published works, but I can't think of any common thread right now. I know there are certain words I tend to use often. I do my best to catch them and edit them out.

Adele Dubois said...

I guess hospital visits and all they imply--danger, action, recovery--is the recurring theme that naturally appears in your writing. Your voice is shining through.

Best of luck with your releases!


Paris said...


Your post made me wonder about my own work--everyone is always eating or cooking! Well, not always:) but there's something so sensual about food.

Loved the post!

Sarah J. McNeal said...

I never thought about your hospital heroes before, Pat, but when I think on it, every book I've read of yours has had the dang hero injured and in the hospital. Shoot, at least you didn't leave them out there to bleed to death.
I think many writers have an affinity for something that repeats itself in their writing. I always have a musical instrument in them and a body of water. There's a freudian thingy going on there I'll bet. LOL
Hospitals or not, your police/detective stories are exciting and wonderfully terrifying.
All the best to your corner of the universe, Pat.

Fiona McGier said...

Hmm, all of my heroines are strong women, who enjoy being in charge of their sexuality. But when they fall, they fall hard. Hot sex ensues, then HEA.

But all of your heroes end up hospitalized? Do you use their being injured as a way of them breaking through their "immortal" self-image, which then allows them to grow emotionally? Just wondering...

Interesting post, made me chuckle and made me think!