Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Casey Sheridan, Guest Blogger

Let's Flirt!

My four-year-old niece has flirting down to an art. Of course, she doesn't know she's flirting, she's probably never even heard the word flirt before. All she knows is she gets what she wants when she smiles and asks nicely.

It's not so much the asking, but the way she asks. She gives her best beguiling look, bats her lashes a bit, smiles (not just with her lips, but also with her eyes) and sweetly makes her demands. If there's hesitation on your part, she'll tilt her head to the side ever so slightly, put her hand on your arm and softly say, "Please."

Works every time. And she's only four. Imagine her at sixteen.

My character Alaina flirted in order to get the attention of the car owners. When I started writing Ruby Red Metallic, I couldn't get her to flirt because I didn't know how myself. At least, I didn't think I did, so I Googled how to flirt. Let me tell you, there's a lot of information out there, most of it crap.

There was one common thread in all the information I found. It's such a simple thing. All you have to do is smile. A genuine smile. A smile that reaches your eyes as well as your lips. Not some mindless grin either, but something that says, "I like you. Let's talk."

Care to flirt with me?


Casey Sheridan wrote her first piece of erotica on a dare, and she loved it so much she never stopped. Her work has been published by Breathless Press and Cobblestone Press, and has appeared on The Erotic Woman, Every Night Erotica, and RSVP-Erotica.

Casey loves her two cats as well as reading, writing and spending time with the one she loves.

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Alaina knows her cars, and she doesn’t view what she does for a living as stealing. Using all the physical attributes she has at her disposal, she merely acquires the high-end vehicles for a business partner. Although the beautiful cars turn her on, she has her heart set on a particular gem. When she finds her jewel, Alaina is pleasantly surprised by its handsome owner, Scott.
Now she’s faced with a dilemma. Does she choose the man or the gem?


Alaina pulled open the heavy door of the greasy spoon diner and stepped inside. Her four-inch heels made contact with the once white, now faded and cracked, linoleum floor. The smell of stale cigarettes, freshly brewed coffee, and fried eggs swirled around her, while waitresses wearing pink uniforms and white aprons rushed past. She noticed the dented, stainless steel coun­ter and the worn red vinyl on the stools around it. The same vinyl covered the seats in the booths, strips of silver duct tape repairing the rips. The buzz of conversations and the clank of dishes filled the air.

She spotted the man sitting alone at the counter holding a ciga­rette as he handed the menu back to a waitress.

Alaina headed in his direction. She passed booths filled with pa­trons, mostly men, eating breakfast and drinking coffee before head­ing off to their jobs. Their conversations became hushed when she looked their way, and there was more than one lascivious gleam as she strolled by. One man stared at her, mouth agape, and she threw him a smile as she continued down the row of tables to where the driver of the Viper sat. “Is this seat taken?”


Renee Vincent said...

Hey Casey! Your post struck me and so here I am. I can't say I know "how to flirt" or give anyone advice on the subject, but I imagine it's supposed to be as natural as that smile you were talking about. If it's forced, it's not flirting. It's just weird.

And I love to flirt. What's great is that my husband and I (even after 20 years together and almost 18 years of marriage) still flirt with each other now and again.

Great post!

Savannah Chase said...

Yes a smile is always nice but it takes very little to flirt..Sometimes we do it and don't even notice it..Great blog Casey..

Tina Donahue said...

Your niece sounds adorable. Loved your blog!

Anonymous said...

Renee - You know, I've heard the best relationships last because the people involved never stop flirting with each other.

I can see you'd be a great flirt. Your husband is a lucky man. =D

Thanks for coming by!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Savannah! What you said is very true. Sometimes we don't even know we're doing it.

Anonymous said...

Tina - She is adorable and she knows it, too. LOL!
Thanks for having me on your blog today. =D

Fiona McGier said...

What I think is that flirting is the mutual acknowledgment that sex COULD happen between you two, but it most probably never will. That's why flirting is such fun! I've been happily-married for many years, but I still will flirt occasionally with other men, and what I find so funny is some of them, especially the younger ones, respond then are confused by their own response. Some have told me they feel they have insulted me, since I'm old enough to be their mother! I tell them that as long as I'm still breathing, I will flirt, and that it's a compliment to me if they respond, not an insult! We really are too youth-weight oriented in this country! As the population ages, more older women will be around, post-menopause, and still interested in at least LOOKING! And flirting!

Anonymous said...

Good for you Fiona!

I know for me, since I'm shy, it's easier to flirt online than in person. But you're right, we're too youth-oriented here. Just because a person is over 30 doesn't mean the 'flirt gene' is turned off.

Pommawolf Emeraldwolfeyes said...

Great topic Casey.
I guess I've been married so long I've forgotten what flirting is.
I'm a naturally shy person, and usually not comfortable in my own skin as they say. Very self conscience about appearance and super quiet unless I get passionate about a subject that is close to my heart.
I am a watcher or observer of people and have seen some wonderful flirts through the years. Especially those that aren't even aware that they are doing it. It always makes me smile to see how it plays out, and its effects the person being flirted with....*S*
Thank you for the delightful post !


June M. said...

I have never been good at flirting. Not enough self confidence I guess.

Maxwell Cynn said...

I'm shy, but I've found that smiling and being open and vulnerable naturally attracts people. I don't really try to flirt, I just try to be nice--and emotionally honest. I think someone faking it, and trying to flirt, is always obvious and falls flat. Nice post, Casey.

Eden Baylee said...

Oh, this is so sweet Casey. I never set out to flirt. I'm horrible at it but I do always set out to be friendly, and I think that's what a smile represents. It conveys "Hi, I'm open and I'm a nice person. Let's talk."

From there, it can go in so many directions - like a dance, you each take one step and pull the other along --> The verbal foreplay before the physical, and for me, sometimes the most stimulating.


Anonymous said...

Darcy and June, You two probably flirt, in a mild way, and don't realize you're doing it. I think everyone flirts on some level, even us shy people.

Anonymous said...

Hi Maxwell!
Thank you for stopping by.

I have tried to flirt, not faking it, but flirting with someone I felt a connection to. I'm terrible at it, but you're right, a smile and being honest is the best way to attract another person.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming by, Eden!

I'm horrible at flirting too. I'm so bad, I usually don't get a reaction.

I like your comparison to dancing, "The verbal foreplay". That's exactly what it is.