Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lynde Lakes

HI, BLOG-READERS, DELIGHTED YOU DROPPED BY.  Many thanks to Sarah Mc Neal for inviting me to share with you.  I’m Lynde Lakes I and write mostly romantic intrigues, or romantic paranormal intrigues.  But refusing to limit myself, I try to push the boundaries with each new novel.  I strive for plots where the heroine is strong and the heroes are challenged to match and exceed that strength.  After all, they must combine forces to take down clever and devious villains. A reader might think he or she has my plot all figured out, then I put a twist on the twist.

One of my favorite quotations is Amelia Earhart’s: “When a great adventure is offered, don’t refuse it.” I also like William Shakespeare’s: “Assume a virtue, if you have it not.” I like the positive march full-steam-ahead tone to them. J  And I attempt to achieve that in all my novels including, DEADLY INFLUENCE.  My goal is to make the “read” a roller coaster ride from page one to the end. J   If you like hot military guys, my copyrighted and published novel DEADLY INFLUENCE might interest you.  www.amirapress.com

                               DEADLY INFLUENCE
                                       Lynde Lakes
                         Hot, Hard-bodied & Hounded,
                     This Officer and a Gentleman type
                       Rushes into the most poignant
                        & deadliest skirmish of his life,
                                  A world of intrigue
                             & undeniable fiery passion
                Sparks fly when Air Force Intelligence
                       Lieutenant Jay Corning, is tackled by
                          Lisa Dixson, the female version of
                                    “The Bodyguard.”
                        As they spar, the escalating danger
                              closes in from the dark
                    corners of the small community, stirring fears
                                    & steamy emotions.

                         See excepts below and at: amirapress.com

E-Book ISBN 978-1-936-279-05-0
Print Book ISBN 978-1-936-279-06-7


According to Meta, this tall dark and handsome lieutenant was solid, decent, faithful, and did the Corning name proud.   Lisa could verify only that he was sexy, exciting and set her heart into double time every time she looked at him.  And, his touch, oh God his touch set every inch of her on fire. Unfortunately, her job as bodyguard and his military career forbid any physical or emotional connection between them.  It didn’t help that he was looking at her with those bedroom eyes, or that only moments ago he’d had his burning hands all over her silky pajamas.


He rolled, taking her with him, knocking the gun from her hand into the darkness of the room.  She felt the familiar rush of adrenaline.  She knew several effective ways of disabling a man, even one as powerful as this one.  She kneed him in the groin.  He doubled over and groaned in pain.  She broke free and rolled away.
Lisa sprang to her feet and darted into the darkened hallway.  She had to draw him away from Meta.  Then high-tail it to her own bedroom and retrieve her backup gun.  He was right behind her.  Her heart pounded.  He grabbed her arm and spun her around.  She kicked hard.  He dodged and blocked it.  She kicked again.  However, for every karate kick, he had an equally effective block.  The man knew his business.
Lisa feigned a lunge.  He grabbed her around the waist and pulled her down to the floor. Inhaling his feral male scent, she struggled and thrashed around, but it was impossible to break free.  He was too strong.
He yanked her to her feet with one arm and switched on the stairway lights.  Stark brightness flooded over them.  She looked up into raging, dark brown eyes and felt their full force.  They were the eyes of a man capable of doing whatever he needed to do to take her down.  She kicked.  He blocked.  Lisa had the uneasy feeling that he knew her every move before she made it.
His steel-like fingers dug into her wrist.  She tried again to jerk free.  “Who the hell are you?” she demanded.  With a raking look, he took in her silk pajamas and torn bed jacket.  “Come back to finish the job?” she said with calmness that surprised her.
“What the hell are you talking about?”  His eyes narrowed.  The brute was at least a head taller than she was, and everything about him, his size, his deadly voice, and the look in his eyes told her he was dangerous.  She had to keep him away from Meta.
With all the calm she could muster, she gave him a once over.  Curly, black hair, strong, defined features.  Dark and dangerous was her quick assessment.  Then upon closer look she recognized him—those powerful shoulders, that firm jaw, the fuller lower lip, that hint of a cleft chin, and that deep voice.  Oh my God, he was the man in the van!
He searched her face with such intensity that she wanted to look away.  But didn’t.  His eyes were troubled, confused.  This was her chance.  She went limp for a moment and when he relaxed his grip, she broke free.  He grabbed for her and they went down, scuffling.  In spite of good sense, Lisa couldn’t believe that this intruder with the hot, hard body was turning her on…God help her…..  
Hey, friends, it was fun to share at this blog-party. I hope to hear from you soon on Facebook or drop by my website.  Aloha, and may all of your dreams come true.  Lynde Lakes


Tina Donahue said...

Nice excerpt, Lynde - thanks for sharing.

Delaney Diamond said...

Hi Lynde,

Thanks for stopping by and sharing with us. It sounds like there's a lot of action and excitement in it.

BTW, Aloha right back at you. I loved Maui when I visited a few years ago. Can't wait to go back to Hawaii and see even more of it next time.

Brenda Hyde said...

I love plot twists so I need to read your stories:) In real life I can't ride roller coasters, but love them in books. LOL The excerpt was great-- thanks for sharing!

Sarah J. McNeal said...

I loved both your quotes: Amelia Earhart's take the adventure when it comes around and I loved Shakespeare's quote, assume a virtue you may not have. I hope this intruder has good intentions since it seems she is attracted to him. A very exciting excerpt, Lynde. It's a pleasure to have you on our blog.

Adele Dubois said...

Lynde--Thanks for sharing your book and excerpt with us during this holiday weekend. I wish you all the best!


Fiona McGier said...

I'm all about alpha females and men who have to aim high to earn a place next to them in life. This is my kind of excerpt! Thanks for sharing, and good luck! May you connect with many readers who want to live vicariously through your strong heroines.