Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sex Games

Sex Games What a delightful topic. I sat down last minute of course, since I thrive on running last minute…what to do this month’s post on. After a conversation with a very talented author friend of mine and some brainstorming….I garnered today’s blog from our conversation. The greatest part of being controversial is to make sure if you’re tipping the scales into decadent sin….to go all the way Baby… Had to stick that in there. There’s something about knowing every part of your body so well that you don’t need another body…unless you want. With that you’re also able to help guide or teach the oblivious w/o harming their over sensitive ego by thinking outside the box. If you haven’t been to a sex store you’re totally missing out. If you’re too embarrassed to go to one, there’s the world wide net that delivers to your door in a box that no one knows what it holds inside. My latest venture… we’ll get to that at the end.

Sexual Nirvana -We love this card game split into four catagories a 52 card deck with clear cut rules a great game for him and her.

Fetish - Kink for him and her

Sex- sex act

Romance- More sensual

Wildcard -Anything goes

Benwa Balls

Oh baby! What a way for your man to get the goods on you. Imagine walking or running on the treadmill wearing these babies inside your cunt. Divine and multi orgasmic esp since they vibrate against each other. Ever been told not to come? It' damned hard not to with these. Kama Sutra Weekend Kit

This is a great kit. We still have ours. We use it sparingly. It's around 24 bucks but a ton of fun. Just don't accid eat the bubble bath. It's not edible! Kama Sutra Spinner Game

This game is a ton of fun but hard to explain. It's around 12 bucks and well worth it. Think twister..naked without the mat and different rules.

However...Naked twister is a lot of fun esp when oiled down with baby oil.

So is sex on a waterbed oiled down, just take care not to get the oil in your eyes. It really stings! Dirty Minds Board Game

We just got this haven't played it yet but it looks like fun. Esp with friends who are more introverted because they are too self conscious to talk dirty, this game makes it fun instead of feeling like a idiot. Sex Dice…And Much Much More!

I love sex dice. They're the more tamer of games but you can create your own rules along with them!

As we mature our body changes as do our needs. If you’re not aware or in tune with your own body it’s damn hard to not only voice the needs but show how they can be met.

The fun part of being in a relationship is that it’s supposed to get easier as it goes, that’s a horrendous untruth. Shit doesn’t get easier but you can make it more exciting by being experimental.

Guys and Girls love sex so any type of relationship can be enhanced by testing and experimenting. For those who are more shy role playing can do wonders.

Not only open the participating couple to new areas of play but break the ice into being a more sexual being. I have always been a sexual being. I attribute it to not developing until after I graduated High School and then being thrust into a Naval Air Base full of Army,

Marine and Pilots and Detachments…. *sighs*

Okay enough reminiscing on my experimental days….

For those of us on budgets. You can make your own games up just like as a kid you made memory cards or index cards to study for tests as a teen.

You can color code them to match your needs. Okay we can’t make dice….but everyone knows how to make a fortune teller game out of a piece of paper or even Mash and laugh

bout it.

You can make coupons or leave post it notes with descriptions on rooms in the house or clues to find you. Use ice, or chocolate or vanilla pudding to body paint.

I advise hunts you can get a pack of 12 half choc and half van. Or Half choc and half butterscotch. Hunts has less than 2% milk and doesn’t need to be put in the icebox so if you place it on the pussy no chance of infection  If you choose whip cream go to the sex store and get one that isn’t dairy based. Dairy based is bad…bad…bad…

Have fun with honey or drizzle hershey’s chocolate if you wish. Sit back to back and sext….

No touching allowed Sext while you’re working now and then a little dirty message Set up the stage to masturbate knowing you’ll get caught and take said punishment as it comes…

Hell Okay so now we’ve had fun sexing it up. My latest venture is once the budget is approved we’re buying a small fuck machine 

Have fun with your sex life while your body is able  And Always remember these two things!

"I save the world one orgasm at a time" and ..... "An orgasm x4 a day will keep the doctor away.


Sarah J. McNeal said...

You never cease to make me smile, Hales. You are so clever and entertaining. Thanks for acquainting some of us not-so-well-informed on the fun in sex games.

Cheryl Pierson said...

HALES! What a great post! Loved it--I was smiling all the way through it, thinking of all the possibilities...

Anonymous said...

From the sublime to the delicious. A well done topic for those of us who may have forgot the main rule in the game of life. Have fun!

James L. Hatch said...

Okay, from a MUCH older man.... First, I enjoyed the blog. Nicely done. Second, you are in for some big disappointments as you get older. You have actually inspired my next blog in May. Think I'll call it, "Who threw cold water on the dog?" Oh, yes, Miss Havana will have a bit to say too. Anyway, blog was certainly an entertaining read...and inspiring!

Michael said...


Wow, Hales, this was awesome!

Erm, I've taken part on a few of these activities too... LOL

Great post... loved it!

Hales said...

Sarah I live to make you smile! hehe :)

Cheryl possibilities are divinely deliscious

Desmond :) Whoever said blondes have more fun lied. :)

James! Don't ruin my optimism! We all get old but hey Hugh Hefner is still having fun so there is hope for the male species... I plan on having fun as long as I can.

Michael Thanks :) hehe! I bet you have

Anonymous said...

A great post and a fun read, although I'm a bit too sore to try a lot of those twister games, (due to a car ccident yesterday.)
G W Pickle

Ryssa Edwards said...

Wow. . parties at your house must be rockin!

Hales said...

Awh GW get well soon!

Ryssa ahhh yeah at times we rock it you should see the girls night out we have a blast w/o all the sex things hehe

Teresa K. said...


I love the post. Even though I don't have one to try it on. It gave me ideals for the future.
As for getting older, I will be 48 on the 13th and I notice the older I get the more sex I want. Now to find that damn Knight in Shining Armor. LOL

Teresa K.

Hales said...

You're very welcome Teresa! Was fun to write it :P

Abigail-Madison Chase said...

Great post....

Hales said...

Thanks Abigail!

Rie McGaha said...

My daughter, Rocky is a Passion Party consultant and has so many toys, games and how-to books to choose from, it's often difficult to decide! Hmmmm...choices, choices! lol

Kissa Starling said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing.

Gale Stanley said...

Loved your post Hales! I have been in a sex shop (with my girlfriends) it was still fun.
I think I know what I want for my anniversary...

Fiona McGier said...

Ah, Hales...we were separated at birth...or maybe you're my secret sister/daughter? Who knows? We're two of a kind, that's for sure!
Husband and I been together for 30 years, so when I go into the local "toys" emporium I always challenge them with, "What don't I have yet?" Then I proceed to say, "Have it," "Have it in 2 colors," "Been there, done that, made a video,", "What else you got?"
But seriously, if you are only going to have sex with one person for the rest of your life, then no holds are barred and you should both like to play. And yes, age does affect you, but shouldn't mean the end of things...you just have to keep communicating and adapting.
My ambition is for us to "go" together at about 100, after a big "O", with smiles on our faces, and so locked together they can't pry us apart to shove us into a box! Now THAT'S love!

Hales said...

Rie how fun. I want to be a consultant now!

Thanks for Coming Kissa!

Gale! haha yeah! Go get what you want!

Fiona I tell you we must be related somehow lol. Awh I tell mine I want to be buried in death with him even if it means excavating one of us to put the other in.

Adriana said...

Great post! And Fiona, perfect ambition, love it! We've enjoyed the Kama Sutra Weekend kit...Variety is the spice of life, it'll keep us going!

Kathryn said...

Great post. Actually you can make your own dice, in several ways. First, a lot of game and hobby stores sell blank dice cubes quite cheaply (<$ each). You can scribble your favorite parts or activities on them with a sharpie.

For a little more investment, my wife got me a set of dice about 2" on a side, made of the same material as white-boards, so you can write on them and wash off the evidence afterward... I think they're marketed as classroom educational tools for teaching math...

For those that travel, never underestimate the value of bringing home a good sex toy from that business trip. I was in rural Michigan for work last fall, and nearly dropped my teeth when I was driving up the highway to the jobsite the first day and spotted a huge billboard saying "Sex Superstore next exit". I had to stop. And it really was - imagine a kind of mini-walmart for sex toys and videos, complete with hanging signs over the aisles like the ones you usually see in a grocery store, except they said things like "vibrators".

The clerk was a very nice, clean-cut young man who wouldn't have looked out of place at Walmart either.

Sandy Sullivan said...

Too funny, Hales! I need to get me a few of those toys.


Hales said...

THanks ladies haha! Sandy go get some :)

Hmmm Kathryn wonder if I've been there! Everytime we went on road drives I'd stop in those huge stores. Had a small vib inside a lipstick looking case saying butterfinger on the outside was great to put in the glovebox!

Hey Adriana thanks and yep I sure did!

Layla Hunter said...

Loved your post Hales! A few ideas I hadn't thought of myself! Did you know that they actually make non-dairy spiked 'whipped cream' in different flavors? I actually saw a can at the store when I stopped in to buy a bottle of wine and I was tempted! *laughs* Maybe I should have picked it up! *waggles*

Michael said...


I would like to award our blog with the Overlord Award.

Please visit this link for details.


S.Lira aka Michael M

An Open Book said...

Definitely have given me some food for thought with this post- interesting to say the least.

Hales said...

Thanks Layla! Yep I know. Idon't care for the chocolate whipped no dairy lol. It's pretty nasty!

Huh Michael? Did you like the blog topic what's an overlord award and what does it have to do with sex games?

Great! An Open Book!

Anne Rainey said...

I really need to check out the Dirty Minds game! LOL

Hales said...

Hehe It looks fantastic. I'm gonna have to get it too :)

Tina Donahue said...

Wow - great post, Hales. :)