Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kristal McKerrington Talks To The Sweet and Sexy Diva's.

Hello Readers,

Well today I have a few tit bits of news. My show is growing seriously quickly and I'm surprised by the regulars we are getting. There is always a nice prize to be had so if your looking to win some Scottish treats from Tea to Sweeties then please make sure you tune in for “Live Chats With Kristal McKerrington”. We start at 12pm Est (5pm UK) and we can last up to an hour sometimes 2. The contest every week is the best question wins a prize and this week if you can name 4 characters from any of my 4 series then you can win a prize.

I have some Wrestling Radio interviews coming up and make sure that you keep an eye on my Twitter as well as Facebook, because you will not want to miss those. Whenever your doing a Wrestling Radio Interview then you never know the questions that your going to be asked.

I have had a quiet month on the release front, we are on the sixth book on my 'A Different Life Series' on the writing side of things and on the 3rd book of the paral series 'Marie's Tales'. Marie is Layla's twin sister and 'Marie's Tales' shares some of the secrets that you don't see or learn in Layla's series 'A Different Life'. I'm also working on some special projects and just added another 2 Wrestling Series to my list of projects. I'm starting my first f/f series and will be doing a bisexual book in the fall.

A few people have asked me how the Shetland Immortals series is coming along, we have signed the contract for the 3rd book and I'm working on the 4th. I want to take this time to thank everyone that has been reading Shetland's Immortals. I will have a tit bit about that series later on.

I want to take this time to personally thank L. Anne Carrington for promoting me on the Wrestlemania week on her Wrestling Radio interview. (Wrestlemania in Wrestling is like the Superbowl. It goes on all week and this year there was 71,617 in attendance there. There is about 9,000 more who attended the events held all week. People were watching it in bars and any place that was showing in around the city, because the whole arena was sold out.) So that was a huge deal and wanted to take the time to personally thank L. Anne Carrington. She also interviewed me this week on her Author Magazine site that is Internationally read. http://www.speakwithoutinterruption.com/site/2011/04/author-interview-kristal-mckerrington/

Shetlands Immortals tit bit, I'm now in the process of planning 4 spin of series from this series for you all. It might be of favourite characters or it might be of a Villain or two. You wouldn't know unless you tune in. I can tell you its going to be of characters that play a huge role in Carla's journey.

---------------------------------CONTEST ALERT---------------------------------

You can win a signed personally cover of Shetland Immortals book 1 and 2 if you can name the 3 main characters in the first book. You can win the second book if you can tell me who enters into a fight to the death with Carla in the first book. First person to comments right wins. Leave a comment below with your email address.

If that wasn't enough then you can win a copy of 'A Different Life: A Valentines Day Save' and a copy of 'A Different Life: Three Lane Highway' if you can name all the main characters in the series? First person to comment right wins. Leave a comment below with your email address.

-----------------------------------------------End Contest Alert--------------------------------

My book of the month that I have been reading and have put a review up for today is Chris Jericho' s Undisputed book. So make sure you check out my review on his book on my blog site. http://kristalmckerringtons.blogspot.com/ Chris Jericho is a huge international and worldwide known wrestler, who is currently starring in 'Dancing With The Stars' over in Canada.

I want to also thank the Highway 2 Helms staff for all the support and love. Make sure that if your not watching TV, Reading or editing then you check out Highway 2 Helms on Geek Week over at www.geekweek.com/live for the funniest show you will ever see. They have stories about there lives, sometimes they even have flexing competitions, while talking about everything from Wrestling to MMA. For anyone who likes that. They even take questions from the Chat room and do shots. Its a great show.

I want to thank One Pro Wrestling for the support that they have personally shown me. Check the out at http://www.oneprowrestling.com/home please check out there wonderful shows and check out there wonderful DVD's. I'm very grateful for there endless support that they have recently started to give me.

Well thank you for having me Sweet and Sexy Diva's. Its been a huge honour and can't wait to be back next month where I will be sharing even more news with you all. I might even have more news on my panel with L. Anne Carrington that we are trying to do next year at Romantic Times.

Kristal McKerrington


Tina Donahue said...

Wow - you are one busy woman, Kristal - much success with your work! :)

Kristal McKerrington said...

Thank you Tina.

Sarah J. McNeal said...

I see you're hard at work with book releases and your radio show, Kristal. You have some fabulous covers. Who does your art work? All the best to you.

Renee Vincent said...

I was just going to say the same thing, Tina! Kristal sure keeps herself busy, which is great for a new author making waves in the big sea of writers.

Congrats to you on your new contract signings and I'm wishing you all the best on your upcoming endeavors and new projects.

Michael said...

Woohoo, congrats to my fave fellow XOXO author!

I'm so proud of you hun!

Keep up the great work!

XoXoPublishing said...

HI Kristal great promotional work! Keep it up and I can't wait to read your next manuscript.


Kristal McKerrington said...

Thank you Michael, Renee, Sarah and Tina. Amanda Struz does our cover art and I have to say that she is the best I have seen in a long time.

Kristal McKerrington said...

Thank you Gina. I work really hard and I do it just so I can bring the best stories I have to you all. I know that every single one of you appreciates them.

Kristal x

Adele Dubois said...

Thanks for visiting The S&S Divas, Kristal! Best of luck with your radio show and your releases!


Paris said...

Hi Kristal,
You are one busy lady--glad your show is doing so well!

Kristal McKerrington said...

Thank you Adele and Paris