Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Writing Fanfiction is Okay

Writing Fanfiction is A-Okay

(Pictured David Taylor)

Rawiya aka Sharita Lira
Greetings readers, being a new author, you definitely want to get your name out there and you find so many different ways to do it. You submit to anthologies, you do free reads, you do guest blogs, you appear on sexsites. I have done all the above as well as do what is considered taboo by many, FANFICTION.
Now, I will confess, after I began seeing more publishing contracts, I started to shy away from even mentioning that I write it but truthfully, I don’t think there are many authors that haven’t. You have done it and you don’t even know it.

Consider this. You are at your laptop or desktop, you have the man and woman as your characters or in my case, the two men. You have Brad Pitt and his counterpart, Angelina Jolie in your head or George Clooney. You are putting them in your setting without even touching on their own personal information, just using that hot face and/or gorgeous body. Congrats, you have just wrote what is called Alternative Universe, Real Person, fanfiction.
I know it will alarm many that I say, I have written and still write RPF/AU. I have men that I love, George Clooney, my favorite actor to use of the moment, Boris Kodjoe, as well as my favorite former porn star, David Taylor and for those that know me, my favorite groups, Duran Duran and Depeche Mode.
You may wonder what has made me change my stance on this. Well, it was the amount of authors who have proudly admitted in interviews that they did it. So many of them have used that as a springboard to get their juices flowing, most, doing it on popular tv shows or movies like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings.
Where the concern comes in is when you tread the thin line of putting out stories. As you may or may not know, you CANNOT publish fanfiction. So I cannot put a story out about my favorite groups with their names attached. Nothing relating to them can even be stated, but, as long as you follow the rules, you can have your inspiration in mind, no law against that.
In my short experience, a lot of my fans who have read my fanfiction have become my readers and friends. I manage two small groups on Livejournal which are betagroups where I read with my friends their stories and share a couple of my own. They have helped me to perfect a couple of my stories by getting it in email or posted to the closed group. What is this? Nothing more than a critique group but we have shared stories about our favorite people or characters for fun.
So, before you frown upon what I’m saying, ask yourself does it make sense to do that? DO you not have pictures of what your characters look like? If you write hetero, Brad Pitt, Clooney, Tom Cruise has been your hero and you know it. Don’t be embarrassed, it’s okay. Nothing wrong with writing about your favorites as long as you’re not naming them or breaking the copyright rules.
I’d like to thank SNSD for having me on the blog again today. As part of my promo, I’d like to share a blurb with excerpt, Longing for a Normal State of Vertigo where I use the above shown and mentioned, David Taylor, former porn star as my model for the angel.
To learn more about the Fanfiction phenomenon, click here.
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My story, Longing for a Normal State of Vertigo is a historical story involving a young doctor in search of love that's unique while still trying to make the next big discovery. In the most unbelievable situation, he will find what's he's looking for but at what price?

PG Excerpt M/M

Firmly, I shook his gloved palm with my own. “Good evening to you as well, Captain,” I smirked.

Hearing what he had said, I rolled my eyes. Every time the city morgue had something they did not want to bother with, they called me. All because I had made the mistake of announcing to everyone how bored I was with regular coroner work. Sometimes I wish I had taken the suggestion of an old friend who said I should go to America to start anew.

Nonetheless, I did not because I was so in love with Lawrence at the time. I knew he wanted nothing to do with leaving London, so I stayed here for him.

Although I had gained some popularity with some of my latest discoveries, such as my attempt to develop a medicine to stop the aging process, I did not appreciate the second job that the department had thrust upon me as inspector of unexplained objects.

“Captain Tiddle, Fine needs to grow thicker skin. What on earth is he an examiner for if he cannot handle…” The stench stopped me from continuing my statement. “What on God’s green earth…” my nose twitched as the hairs tickled my nostrils.

The closer I came to the covered body, I felt slightly nauseous. I grabbed my handkerchief from my coat, placing it over my nose and mouth.

The wind blew swifter as it continued drizzling. That did not deter the crowd that was held back by constables on horses who were eager to see what was under the sheet.

“Alright, let’s see what we’ve got here…” Slowly, I uncovered what looked to be wolf-like man.

With the cloth still on my face, I traced its features with my other hand. The skin felt rough, hard as if it were decaying. As much as I wanted to take off the whole sheet, I decided to leave that until I returned to my laboratory.

I put the covering back over it before getting up. The smell was not as strong when I knelt down to it so I put my rag back in my pocket.

“Well Doctor, what do you think? Is it human, is it…” Captain Tiddle said.

“Not sure Captain. I will just have to dissect it and see what happens. I have not seen anything like it either, though I have heard of some sightings out in the country. Well, I will phone you once I have something to discuss. Berrows!”

Immediately he came with our wooden box ready to take our new project home. Burrows, not intimidated by anything, picked up the body and lowered it into the coffin, shutting it tight.

Tiddle looked with eyes bulged, seemingly amazed at how my driver was not scared of what was under the sheet.


Catriana S. said...

I love writing fanfiction. Besides, how can you explore all the different ideas and theories in a series if you don't? I think discouraging fanfiction is the same as discouraging creativity.

Tina Donahue said...

Fascinating blog, Rawiya. Although I've never done fanfiction, I do have pictures of what I think my characters look like and I use them while composing my stories.

BTW: That guy is simply yummo. Love his tat. :)

Sarah J. McNeal said...

I've never written fan fiction. I didn't know there was such a thing. You explained it very well. Very informative blog, Rawiya. I love the guy's eyes--such a beautiful clear blue color. I wish you ever increasing success in your writing career.

Hales said...

fan fic can be fun. I belonged on a fan fic group that was based of Sherrilyn Kenyons Dark Hunters but couldn't ever write it. Something about wrting my own stories but using someone else theme and or character names didn't suit me. But I love to read it all even about rock stars :)

Jacek my enforcer has a rockish appearance

Rawiya said...


Thank you Sis! That is exactly right. You have things on your mind to get things going so what better way than to think about your faves?

Thx for dropping in and commenting!

Rawiya said...


:D You have wrote it. When thinking of George Clooney! LOL

Thank you for stopping in and commenting!

Rawiya said...


Thank you for your comment. It is very popular especially on Livejournal. There are thousands of groups actively doing ff on everything from Lord of the Rings to Harry Potter to Spongebob! LOL

Scary I know...

@Tina and Sarah, he is lovely isn't he. I have tried emailing him but he's not good at returning emails. :)

Rawiya said...


It can but when I write it, I changed their lives around to suit my story.

I only use the face and their personality. Think of it as you using an actor to be cast in your movie. That;s how I look at it. We are all directors in that sense, getting our characters to say and do things to a certain extent until they start making their own way which mine tend to do.

I thank you for stopping in. I might share some of mine on my own personal blog someday since I've changed my stance

Redameter said...

I sometimes have characters in mind when I write my books, but never Tom Cruise, no I'm with the older crowd, got to have Antonio Banderas, or Tom Selleck, or a thousand others from older times. Michael Douglas, and women like Catherine Zeta Jones, or Sandra Bullock, or Julia Roberts. Oh yeah. But never wrote in 1st person, never wrote fanficiton. Don't even know what it is really.

I like a guy who has a twinkle in his eyes, a smile when you don't expect it. Those are such turn on's.


Love and blessings

Delaney Diamond said...

Rawiya, I'm not familiar with fan fiction, although I've heard the term online. Also the term fandom (is that related?).

Thanks for sharing the info. I learned something today.

Rawiya said...


Well there you go, so in my opinion you have wrote it. It's okay, Tom Selleck was very hot back in the day and Catherine Zeta I love as well as Michael Douglas.

Glad I could entertain you today.

James L. Hatch said...

Hadn't considered using real people for inspiration. My characters tend to define themselves as I write about them, or perhaps the story defines them. I've often wondered it that's the way it is in life too, with a person's chosen environment defining who he/she is. I didn't even have an image in my mind of my most outrageous character, Miss Havana, until the cover artist put a face to the words I wrote about her. I guess I see my characters more as concepts rather than real people. Your blog made me think. A good way to start the day!

Rawiya said...


Yep, it s the same thing. Fandom, pretty much.

A term we fanficcers use to describe a particular group that writes a certain subject. Like, the DDFandom, Duran Duran is the one I'm apart of.

Again, You cannot publish it, no money can be made. But there is no crime sharing it with others. It is essentially a free read. :)

Rawiya said...


thank you so much. I believe everyone has their own way of writing.

I'm very visual, I like to see my characters while writing about them. As I said in one of the comments above it's kind of like casting a movie.

I thank you for stopping by and glad i could peak your interest.

@Delaney, thank you for the comment dear!

Anonymous said...

As you know, me and fan fiction go way back. I've read more than my fair share of it and written a bit, too. My "fandom" of choice was actually an anime/manga. It's the only fandom I've ever gotten into and can ever see myself getting into. A fairly well-known published author once told me that many a famous author got their start in fan fiction. I have kept that notion in the back of mind since then. Great post, lady!!

Rawiya said...

Thank you, Liz!

We had this conversation a while back through email. No hiding anymore, ya know? When I keep reading about it from fellow authors I thought, what the hell is MY issue?

That is how a lot of the people who have become my readers have found me. They read my fanfiction.

I thank you for the comment~

Avril Ashton said...

Heard about, but never read, FanFic. I agree though, we all use public figures in our stories to some extent. Great post, learning stuff about you every day missy!

Teresa K. said...


I've read some fanfiction and some of it was good and some just plain pissed me off. Hope I can say that on here.

I guess if the fanfiction is staying on the storyline I like it. But when they take and destroy the characters because they don't like the way the author is writing the series than I have a problem with it.

Thanks for explaining it better. I will just stick to you alls story and I will be just fine.

tcwgrlup41 at yahoo.com

Fiona McGier said...

I haven't ever written fan-fiction, but I have imagined some...in fact, that's why I didn't like the last Harry Potter book...I had already imagined an ending that I preferred to the one that was actually written.
When I write my heroes, I imagine the part of a man that I find most attractive (see my last blog!), then I create a personality to go with it. I don't really imagine any actors, because I don't know what they are like...only the characters they play.
And I would NEVER imagine someone so homely as Tom Cruise! EW!

Anonymous said...

fanfiction? what? never touch the stuff... :P ;)

Rawiya said...


Most definitely. We all have those thoughts whether real people or not. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Rawiya said...


So true.

I recall that when i first started I wasnt too good at it but I progressively got better at it and my friends and readers said I was good at writing, it was a springboard for me to submit.

Everything in writing is a learning experience.

I thank you for stopping in! :)

Rawiya said...


I agree. We all can do that. Put a face then create his personality. In AU Fan fic, you can do that. Play with the personality to suit your tale.

I meant old Tom Cruise when he was cute and less weird. My bad!

Thanks for dropping in!

Rawiya said...

@ Renee1970!

Ha! One of my friends in my Fanfic group. LOL

One of the best unknown talents out there!

:D Thank you for dropping by!

Rawiya said...

OMG! Thank you all for the love today!

:) Hugs to all of you who stopped by!

Like I said, I may share a fanfic on my blog one day. I long to write for fun but I haven't had the time.


Sue Brown said...

All of my stories have started from an rps fandom. I'm not going to make any apologies for using a pairing that makes my toes curl. If I've got something gorgeous as a template, hell yes I'm going to use them.

Johnny Miles said...

Very good points on fan fiction! I wasn't aware of what it was until about a year ago. In a way, it's like a writer of erotic romance admitting they've also written porn; yes, I know the two are different but if you've written a sex scene for your novel, you've written porn. Cool post!

Rawiya said...

@Sue, TY so much. I agree wholeheartedly. The imagination is the muse and if it fuels the fore, who are you hurting? ;)

Rawiya said...

@Johnny! LOL Agreed! Lots of writers have done it and a lot of talent comes from the fanficcers community as well as the porn community.

Hey, whatever gets your juices flowing!