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Sweet and Sexy Blog With Kristal McKerrington

Hello Readers,

Boy do I have a lot of updates for you and some sneak previews on what is coming up for me. There is loads of things that you can get your teeth into and you will I hope really enjoy this. This last week we released 'A Different Life: Three Lane Highway' and I hear that my next release is 'A Different Life and Marie's Tales: I Just Want To Be Loved'. Plus I have signed two contracts one was for 'A Different Life and Marie's Tales: I Just Want To Be Loved' and 'Burning From Within: A Day In The Life Of Kristal McKerrington'.

What I will do is tell you a little bit about the two books I have just signed then I will let you read the blurb for 'A Different Life: Three Lane Highway' and an excerpt.

Now onto the fun part of my blog. 'A Different Life: Three Lane Highway', which I have placed an excerpt and the blurb below. First here is a little insight to the two new books I have just signed.

A Different Life and Marie's Tales: I Just Want To Be Loved is about Marie, who is Layla's sister and we see through this book how her sister is coping with being dragged into the Wrestling world and we also see why she hates the Wrestling world. Craig, who is known as Greg is a wrestler that gets interested within her and decides he is going to change all that. Can he tame the fiery temper of the Street Hip Hop dancer to not just change her mind, but win a shot with her.

Burning From Within: A Day In The Life Of Kristal McKerrington talks about my journey to getting published. The fight against the Arthritics and Dyslexia. So far its had more than a few of the Publishing House members of staff in tears as they read about all the obstacles I had to over come to get published with XoXo Publishing and how I cope with the Arthritics.

A Different Life: Three Lane Highway Blurb:-

'All Layla's life she has been fighting for what she believes in and just after leaving collage she sees the Wrestlers she grew up idealising, career's in trouble. In a huge effort she blows the Wrestling world apart by leaking their secrets in hope to burst in to save their careers, but that isn't what she does.

Under a whole lot of new pressure Will, Edward and Shane get angry at this young twenty year old author, who is making their world harder then it all ready is. They want to know, who the author is that has decided to threaten the world that they had a hand in building, yet they only know what that the rest of the general public knows. They know she is called Midnight and that she is the most secretive person online yet the only author who interacts with her fans on a daily bases.

After waiting a very long time the three of them are all ready to get their revenge on her, when they get a call that they never thought they would receive, everything changes.

Meeting Midnight in person changes everything as Edwards connection grows towards her. He learns all about being on set, about being in her world, but its not just Edward who is starting to fall for the writer that is changing everything. Will feels it too. The bad thing is Cameron her High School and Collage boyfriend is right there with her. Midnight herself is falling for the men she never thought she meet, even though she sees disaster up ahead.

Who will Layla choose when it comes to the crunch and will Layla survive the front lines of Wrestling world that is commonly known for injury, heart break oh and did I forget killing its Wrestlers before their time? Could you survive?'

Excerpt For A Different Life: Three Lane Highway:-

Layla walked towards the curtain after finishing her make up. She had just gotten into a halter top that was beneath a black net and torn material that covered both her arms, but not her shoulders. Her detailed tattoo-like paint job shined through. This was a look she didn't think she would ever wear again, but then she had never thought that she would make it as Midnight.
Taking deep breathes she walked through the second curtain where she saw Will, Edward and Shane standing in the centre of the photo shoot area with their own wrestling an promotional gear on. At first they didn't see her and it let anger flare up within her again as she felt like a disrespected fan once more.

'Typical, I am still invisible to these jerks!' Layla thought. She watched the three of them scan the room and twice pass over her like she was just a part of the scenery. Spotting Cameron, Layla suddenly felt the sudden need to be within his arms when she realised she was going to have to swallow her own anger just to work with them.

Walking over to him, Layla imagined this was the book tours photo shoot and they didn't exist at all. It was really hard as she felt their eyes on her now. It was the hardest thing she had to do. The first time she would ever be in the same room as her ideals was already not going the way she wanted it to go. Then Layla hadn't really thought about how this moment would go. When she got to Cameron, she instantly threw her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply.
“What do you think?” Layla asked when she came up for air and saw Cameron's surprise at what she had just done. Layla did a full turn in front of Cameron now and that was when she saw her two of ideals standing there with their mouths hanging out as if they were fish out of water. Anger flared slight within her again when she saw Will staring at her with a look that said he was very unimpressed.

Layla had also been wearing a pair of the Lolita Goth trousers all the way from Japan. The short shorts were underneath a skirt like wrap and had suspenders going down to leg covers that covered her brand new, New Rock boots. Her stomach was on show and showed off her perfectly formed dancer’s abs from all the work outs she had done between writing sessions over the last year.

“Wow that is so outrageous it’s somehow you. I have to say you look serious hot and I have no idea how those three clowns are even going to look close to how hot you look.” Cameron said with a burst of pride and he couldn't believe that Layla's dream that she had wanted for years was finally coming true yet seeing the faces of the men behind her put Cameron on edge right away. “I think you better go introduce yourself, remember am right here if you need me.”

“Thank you for coming and being so supportive.” Layla said so glad that Cameron had decided to come after he hummed and hayed about doing it. This was an experience he didn't want her to have to do alone. Cause the one thing that he loved about Layla was her excitable personality, but what most people didn't know about her was the nervous side of her that showed through only when they were alone.

We recieved a thumbs up review recently from one of the VERY few Wrestling Romance Authors out there called L. Anne Carrington. You can read that Review here:- http://bit.ly/eXUF7V and she showed me even more support by adding me to her blog. See what her support and our news here, since me and L. Anne Carrington are working on something together http://bit.ly/hruxak

I have also just been added to ARE and Amazon too. You can see the Amazon stuff above on the Amazon link I gave you. http://www.allromanceebooks.com/storeSearch.html <<<<< That is the ARE Link if you want to check out my books there.

Other than that I want to thank L. Anne Carrington for all the wonderful support she has shown me over this last few weeks and want to thank all of you for having me. I want to also thank the Waitress from H2H. A show that is worth watching every Wednesday over at Geek Week at 7pm Est. Its a show that feature the wonderful Shane Helms. Who needs a Chocolate fix on Wednesday when you can hear his jokes and interact with the funniest man in the business.

I want to also support Bill Behren's show. He has just started to get his show onto TV. So if you in Georgia. His shows are on April 2 and April 17th at Johnny G's Fun Center. Show starts at 7pm Est and will be on Fox 24 on Saturdays. For more information check out www.rampagewrestling.net

Thank you for a wonderful session. I hope to see you next month for another instalment of 'Sweet and Sexy Diva Blog with Kristal McKerrington'.

Kristal McKerrington


Tina Donahue said...

Wow, you've been one busy lady, Kristal - congrats on all your writing success. :)

Sarah J. McNeal said...

I wish you much success with all your many writing endeavors.

Kristal McKerrington said...

Thank you Sarah and Tina. I did miss a couple of things out so I hope that you check them out soon.

Rawiya said...

What a lovely excerpt.

I'm always impressed with your writing gal!

Keep up the great work!

Redameter said...

Sounds like something very different. good luck with your work.

Love and blessings

Julie Lynn Hayes said...

Not to be a wet blanket, but have you checked into the legality of having a contest where a purchase is required? In many places, I believe it is not legal, hence there being the disclaimer no purchase required, or void where prohibited. That is something you might want to look into because of the fact that the internet is everywhere, and you don't want to inadvertently violate some rule that could get you in trouble.

Better now then before someone complains. Some contests have options for those who don't make a purchase so that they can qualify too, which is only fair. Thanks for your time and good luck!

Willa Edwards said...

You seem to be all over the place Kristal. Good luck and success on all our new endeavors.

Kristal McKerrington said...

Thank you for all the support all and it means so much to me that Tina and Sarah have me here every month. Thank you all again.

desitheblonde said...

i like the page and the cover on the side i twitter it and face book on my page

Kristal McKerrington said...

Thank you so my Desitheblonde