Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Okay women, it's time to shit or get off the pot

Listening to appropriately enough, She Talks Crazy Talk by the Chilliwacks.

Ever since I was a teenager in the 70s I have heard the refrain from women that we are not equal to men, that we are, in fact, second class citizens. And because of this, we must soldier on and fight to get the male rulers to recognize that their patriarchal society is holding us down and for them to fix the problem.

I'm here to tell you it's all bullshit. I am sick to death of the constant hand-wringing and whining about equality and our lack of it. Well, stop it. Stop acting like we're a downtrodden minority under the thumbs (or other parts of the anatomy) of our male oppressors.

Guess what, ladies? If  we're second class citizens in a male dominated world it's because we want it that way. Does that statement shock you? You are denying, vehemently, and saying it just ain't so.

Well, yes, it is.

Most people know insurance actuarial statistics tell us that women outlive men. It's common knowledge and we all accept it. What does it really mean, though?

It means that rather than being a minority, women are the majority, surpassing men in the voting age range at roughly 51%  women to 49% men. That means, in the simplest terms that if every woman of voting age went to the polls anywhere in North America, they would dominate those polls and control the candidates that get into power. So in reality what happens? It means we're letting men take control out of our hands without a fight.

Lately I've been hearing claims that since the Republicans got back control of the House they have been attacking women from all fronts. Fighting to eliminate or defund  abortion, medical care, and social programs aimed at women and children. (I won't get into how ridiculous and revealing is the fact that the very party that wants to make abortion illegal also are the ones who want to gut funding to programs that would help those women forced to have their babies. Logic never was one of their strong suits)

Don't like it? You support a woman's basic right to have ownership of her own body? Then where were you on November 2, 2010? Too busy to go to the polls? Too indifferent, thinking 'oh, my vote won't make any difference so why bother?'

In 2008 the highest voter turnout in decades put Obama in office and gave the Democrats unprecedented power. By not voting in 2010 you took that away and handed it back to the very people who had 8 years to put America on the edge of bankruptcy, both moral and financial. At this point, since the houses are now split to one controlled by the GOP and the other by Dems nothing will get accomplished in government and nothing will be fixed since the two sides are at each other's throats trying to score points, not correct problems.

Is that what the women in this country wanted? No?

Again, where were you on November 2, 2010? Any answer less than 'I was in the hospital or my mother died' means you abdicated your chance to have a say in the government of your country. And clearly, a lot of women who voted Obama in, stayed home this time. Why? Didn't think the Dems did enough? So you what? Give the control back to the party that almost destroyed the American middle class in favor of serving their wealthy patrons?

Before you bitch and moan about the mess the government is in, remember this: you have, and always have had, the numbers to control your fate and the fate of all the other women and children in the country, and possibly affect women in countries where they are truly second class citizens. And all you have to do is get off your indifferent ass and go to the polls at the next election.

Does this post piss you off? Good. Maybe it will drive you to prove I'm wrong at the next election.


Tina Donahue said...

All of my life I've been mystified by women that support paternalistic organizations that treat them like less than second-class citizens. Too often women have given away their power all in the name of being nice or easy to deal with or whatever else society told them to be. Good for you, Pat, for telling it like it is.

Sarah J. McNeal said...

I love controversial expressions of thought and this is one I really like. Though the language may be a bit strong for some delicate ears (so typically Pat, uncensored and wonderfully forthright), the essence is thought provoking and absolutely true--no whining. I was raised in a family of all girls and my father was of the opinion that women were smart and strong. I will always apreciate his enlightened and supportive opinion of women. He encouraged us to have careers, compete with our male counterparts and strive to attain our highest goals. He may have gone too far with the stoic behavior but, in gratitude, there were no whiners or female hysterics in our house.

Fiona McGier said...

Pat, you go girl! I am off to get re-certified to register voters, through a local organization called DAWN (DuPage-county Against War Now). I registered students before the 08 election...they were surprised it was as easy as proving where they lived and that they were 18. And none of them had any idea where to go to register! If voting rules were changed so that only people making, say, half a million a year could vote, the rest of us would be marching on state capitals and demanding our right to be heard. But because it's so easy, many sit home and whine about how they wish they could do it on-line (as if there isn't already enough vote-fraud from the Diebold machines!). Yet these same folks religiously vote for American Idol, or other time-wasters like that which have no bearing on their lives. Wake up, people! No matter your politics, my words to you are: Vote or shut up!

Delaney Diamond said...

Well, Pat, you certainly got my attention.

It's surprising that a country as great as this one has such low voter turnout. Folks just take it for granted. The importance of having a say in your government is evidenced by what's going on in the Middle East and North Africa right now.

I think you're right about women (and other minorities, for that matter) who just complain but don't take action. I think in some ways we even brain wash ourselves into thinking we can't do any better. Too bad.

P.A.Brown said...

My point, among other things is that lumping us in real minorities allows us to play the victim card. We're the opposite of a minority, we're THE majority. If we really chose to, we could make men the minority. Don't you wonder that men don't mention that? Do you think there might be a reason they like us believing we're powerless?

Lloyd said...

Well said, Pat! And same goes for progressives in general.


Rawiya said...

Wow, well said Pat. I'm not very political but a lot of what you said, I couldn't disagree with!