Thursday, March 17, 2011

Inspiration at the Gym

Sometimes when I’m searching for a topic to write about I look at elements of my own life for inspiration and one place that has provided a lot of that is the gym. When I threw my father’s seventieth birthday party, everyone there kept commenting on how much I looked like my father. Later that evening, I looked at myself in the mirror and realized I truly did look like my seventy year old father and not in a good way. So that week I joined a gym and began losing weight. A side benefit of that decision is that I’ve met a number of people who’ve become good friends and I’ve also seen a number of inspirational men. Each of my gym stories, Spot Me, Pump Me Up, Core Training, and Crunch Time is inspired by someone I’ve met or seen while working out and if that isn’t enough motivation to join a gym, I don’t know what is.
However in these stories, there is only one character that is truly based on a real person and that is Lonnie. If you’ve ever read any of the stories than you know that Lonnie is a kind, supportive man, with a mouth the size of the grand canyon, who’ll say absolutely anything. Lonnie is based on my workout partner. He really exists and he’s fairly close to the way I wrote him. For example, he has a number of nicknames for me: Cockhopper, Dances with Dick, Captain Cock. You can tell there’s a theme. As I said, the man will say anything to almost anyone. The truth is that I had to tone him down for the stories because the real Lonnie is totally unbelievable.
So whether you work out, or just want to enjoy the view, stop into Andrew’s gym and check out the scenery. Oh, and while you’re at it, you may pick up some very interesting vocabulary.

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Redameter said...

Well, I guess we all have our own special places to get inspiration. Good luck.

Love and blessings

Tina Donahue said...

Good for you for taking control of your health and well-being and joining a gym. I have a stationary bike at home. I ride it for 40 minutes each day and some of my best plots come to me while I'm sweating it out. :)

Delaney Diamond said...

Part of the fun of being an author is bringing out characteristics you see in the people around you and bringing them to life in a way that readers can enjoy. Lonnie sounds like a hoot!

Sarah J. McNeal said...

God love ya, Andrew, all I want to do at a gym is catch my breath. Okay, as you said, there is that nice view but staring does make me feel a bit stalkerish. (Is that a word?) Crunch time looks like a might fine read. You always have such interesting backdrops to your stories.

Andrew Grey said...

Thank you all for your great comments.
Rita - for me, inspiration is almost everywhere there are men. LOL

Delaney - Lonnie is a hoot. He's my workout partner and I wrote him largely as he is. (Had to tone him down just a bit. Though the nicknames I used are real examples)

Sarah - It's not stalkerish. Why work that hard if people aren't going to look. And thank you, I try to come up with settings that are different.

Tina - I know exactly how you feel and KUDOS for working out every day. I get some of my best ideas after working out.

Fiona McGier said...

I mean this very sincerely, but what a refreshing change to hear from a gay man who writes m/m romance. I have a cousin who is gay and he finds it endlessly amusing when I tell him about the sub-genre of m/m romance written by straight women. I was a judge this year for EPIC and got to read some m/m romance written by men...at least the author names were male! I enjoyed them, but I wouldn't presume to be able to write one! Good luck with your books.
And P.S. your covers are very hot!