Monday, March 14, 2011

Do You like Decadence...Do You Like Chocolate?

If your answer is YES, as mine always is, then you're going to love the prize we're offering one lucky winner in our Easter Blog contest. Take a look:

To participate in the Sweet 'n Sexy Divas' Easter Blog Contest, all you have to do is hop from author blog to author blog and let us know where the contest icon (shown below) is hidden.

The contest runs from March 24 through April 24. On March 24, we'll be posting the list of participating authors with their names' linked to their websites. While you're perusing their sites for the contest icon, you'll see lot of great books!!


Renee Vincent said...

Can't wait!!!

Fiona McGier said...

Tina, I suspect you had a big hand in picking out the prizes for the basket...hours of intensive research into the very best choices of chocolates to offer to our discerning readers, eh? (burb!) LOL!
Sarah, no jellybeans?

Redameter said...

When do we get our icons?
SO sleepy.....
Love and blessings

Sarah J. McNeal said...

Tina didn't pick out the basket of chocolate--amazingly. I did but I knew Tina wouldn't want one without a boatload of chocolate in it so there it is. Not a single jelly bean or marshmallow peep went into the basket. Can you believe it?
BTW, I do want to thank all the member authors who contributed to this bounty of chocolate and the Amazon gift certificate because, it is only through their generosity that we are able to have such a wonderful prize. Ya'll are a great bunch.

Artemis said...

Now that is just absolutely SINFUL!


Teresa K. said...

Can we say death by Chocolate ladies?

Love you bunches!

Teresa K.

Rawiya said...

Wow! What a prize!


Of course Tina had a hand in this...