Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Calen by Rie McGaha

                                             Calen by Rie McGaha


When Calen MacLeod begins having dreams of an ethereal beauty who beckons to him, he passes it off as just having an itch he hasn't scratched in a long time. But when he leaves on a journey to find her, following the directions she's given him in his dreams, he begins to doubt his sanity. And when he finds himself high in the Mackinaw Mountains in a secret fortress with unicorns and a pink and white castle, surrounded by women, each one more beautiful than the next, it's a fantasy no man would want to wake up from. But Arianna is the only woman for Calen.

The women of the Fortress have lived in peace, hidden away from the humans who tried to annihilate them all. But now a 500-year-old demon is out to destroy the women's matriarch, Ariella, and he'll stop at nothing to complete his mission. When Calen MacLeod shows up, he throws a wrench into Damon's plans. Never let it be said Damon isn't ready for anything, but when he kidnaps Arianna and takes her to modern day San Francisco, is he ready to meet Calen, who will stop at nothing to save his ladylove?

Blog Blast 2011 by Rie McGaha

May 14, 2011 is a day you will want to save the date for the biggest blog blast I've ever done! I've teamed up with GA Hauser & Stormy Glenn for a day of fun and give-aways. More than one hundred blog hosts are participating in this, (courtesy Goddess Fish and Blog Exchange) and GA, Stormy, and I will be giving away autographed books, e-books, t-shirts, bookmarkers, posters and more!

The day will begin with a few questions on each of our websites that will direct you to the answers on the blogs. We'll be giving away e-books all day long, culminating with a podcast at http://blogtalkradio.com/ with host Marsha Cook. You will be able to call in to the show and talk to us, ask questions, and the chat line will be open as well. Following the broadcast we will be at the Yahoo Group Erotic Promo (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eroticpromo/) chatting, posting excerpts and giving away more goodies. If you're not a member of Erotic Promo, it only takes a moment to join and be there for Blog Blast 2011 with GA Hauser, Stormy Glenn & Rie McGaha!


Sarah J. McNeal said...

Rie, I love the cover for Calen. It looks like a terrific story, too. I wish you every success.

Tina Donahue said...

Calen sounds yumming, Rie - I can't wait to read it. :)

Rie McGaha said...

Thanks for posting this. And thank you for the nice comments. Reese Dante is the cover artist and she is awesome.

I really appreciate the promotion for this event.


Fiona McGier said...

Alas, I work every Saturday, toiling at my retail job. Hope you get a lot of participants.
The cover look good! Paranormal stuff going on in contemporary times is always so intriguing.

Delaney Diamond said...

I have to agree with everyone that the cover is really nice! Sounds like an interesting read, and you'll be busy, busy, busy! Best wishes!

Rie McGaha said...

Don't worry Fi, the podcast and Erotic Promo group are going to be at night. Erotic Promo will be 8-10 pm, so drop by if you get the chance.

Thanks, Delaney.


Michael said...

Awesome cover, I see your in 2 places at once Rie! LOL

:) Congrats on both books.

S.Lira aka Michael M

Angela Nichelle said...

You're such a busy lady, Rie! The blog blast sounds like fun. Wishing you all the best!! ;-)

Rie McGaha said...

Thanks Michael and Angela. It's going to be quite a day...hope I survive it! lol

Cheryl Pierson said...

Oh, Rie, that cover is just gorgeous! Looks like a wonderful story. I wish you success with this one--it really sounds great.

AllureVanSanz said...

Hottie on the cover is always a plus. The Blog Blast sounds awesome and a bit of marketing genius! ::grins:: I hope to participate and help out with some tweets and Facebook love.

Good luck ladies!

All my best,
Allure Van Sanz

GA Hauser said...

Thanks, Rie! Can't wait!