Sunday, February 20, 2011

What is the sexiest part of a man?

So I was wondering about what part of a man you consider to be the sexiest. The 6-pack abs that some drool over? The tight gluts on a well-shaped butt just made for your hands to grab and hold onto while he relentlessly pounds himself into you? The wide shoulders for you to hold onto, emphasizing how much bigger than you that he is, so you feel well protected? His arms, muscled and strong, with veins that pop out, a testament to his high testosterone level, proving how hard he works out to be sexy? His smile, just for you? Dimples? Eyes that burn into yours when he looks at you with lust on his mind? Or is it the male package: the triad...the two family jewels along with the shaft of pleasure, that for some odd reason these days is being referred to as his "junk"?

Excuse me while I take a long, cold drink. Ahem. Okay, now my answer might surprise you. Of course I love all of those things, along with the shadow of a beard that on some men appears 5 minutes after they shave. I love everything about men: their hairiness, their strength, their sweatiness, their hardness...especially their hardness. Phew!

But the one part of the male anatomy that I find the most sexy is: the brain. The brain? With all of those other attractive parts? Why? You may ask. Simple...work with me here, folks. All men have sexy parts to their bodies, but only some know how to use them to give you maximum pleasure! Have you ever heard, "It's not the size of the wand but the skill of the magician"? Or any variation on that theme. How do men gain skill and learn how to use their many sexy parts to attract and please a woman? Duh...the brain!

Any man who takes the time to learn about women, about our different manners of pleasure, about the difference between the many kinds of orgasms we can have, and how to give them all, is already a step above the other men who never bother to think about pleasing anyone other than themselves. There are men who truly don't care as long as they are satisfied. Then there are men who learn just enough to get by--but spend any time being intimate with them and you can almost see them remembering that they need to grab here, squeeze there, lick a bit, then go for it! Not the best way to endear yourself to any partner.

But the man who looks at all women as unique beings, who seeks to learn how to do basic things, but asks each woman he is with, What pleases you?, How can I help you to enjoy yourself more?, is the one to look for. And jealously try to keep for yourself. Every idea he comes up with, every position, every variation, has to start in his brain.

So I'm going to state unequivocally that in my opinion, the sexiest part of a man is his brain. Now let the discussion commence!

A descrip
tion of the hero in Secret Love:
It didn’t take long to see just who it was the women were talking about. He was much more attractive in real life than he was in movies...he’d been in a couple of big releases that had made him internationally famous.
He was tall and dark, his skin a reddish-brown color that bespoke of his Native American ancestry. He filled out his clothing well; the rolled-up sleeves on his casual jacket showed muscular forearms hinting at even more toned muscles hidden by his shirt. His broad shoulders made Sheena
drool, as she imagined herself held down by those strong arms. He had fairly long straight black hair that shimmered like black silk whenever he turned his head. His eyes were dark and inquisitive as he scanned the place for a seat.


Sarah J. McNeal said...

Excellent blog, Fiona. I absolutely agree that the brain is the sexiest part of a man...noty just because it gives them the ability to see women as separate and unique individuals but because it is the base of their personality, their dreams and desires. I love a man who can talk politics to nonsence and can make me laugh with a clever remark all of which require a brain. So, yeah, the brain is the part of a man I think is the sexiest.

Tina Donahue said...

I so agree with you, Fiona. A man's brain, his heart, his tenderness, that the real aphrodisiac.

Paris said...

Great post and I do agree. The six-pack abs may attract but the brain will keep you engaged in any activity...so to speak:)

Delaney Diamond said...

Fiona, I really enjoyed this post!

To answer your question, I'm going to have to say...all of the above! No, seriously, I love a man's brain, too, and being able to talk to him about all types of subjects is a definite plus, as well as receiving his respect for my individuality.

But, since I don't see his brain when I first meet him, I'll admit I love muscular arms. Toned biceps and triceps will do me in every time.

Renee Vincent said...

Fiona, you certainly made me think. Actually you could say I pondered longer than usual on my favorite parts of a man (since you asked me to), and I have to admit, the brain never entered my mind. But you're certainly correct that it all begins with the brain. All those great manly assets are nothing if he doesn't know how to "use" them.
Great post, hon!

Redameter said...

I agree the brain is a very important part of the man, but I'll take his heart, his eyes and his voice. I love a man with a soft but manly tone. I love eyes that light up when you walk in the room. But if he has no heart, his brain will know everything to do, but I won't know if he feels anything.

I've known men who study women like a book, and know how to please them but do they know what makes her cry, what creates her smile, what melts her resistance.

Give me a good voice, bedroom eyes, and the tenderness that says he really cares. That's my man.

You may thing this is mushy, but remember in Quigley Down Under, the girl told Quigley her husband never looked back. Well, when he said goodbye to her, he rode off, then turned and looked at her, to let her know he had to have one more look before he left. He cared, he had heart. Man you gotta love a man like that. He could crumble crackers in my bed any day! LOL

But for all it is worth, the brain is most certainly one of the THE most important things a man can have. And you certainly wouldn't wanwt one that had no brain. LOL

Fiona McGier said...

Wow, this must be a bit confusing! For the record, I am Fiona McGier, and the Friday interview was NOT with me, despite the title...it was with another author, Fiona Neal, who appears to be more prolific than me, what with her 14 books and all...phew! You go, girl! And though in the U.S., there aren't that many Fionas, in the British Empire, we are all over the place! Just try to google the name, and you will be over-whelmed with the choices! Though we never seem to become as trendy as say, "Caitlin", or "Megan" have been!

Willa Edwards said...

Great blog Fiona, I completely agree. And its true for women too.

Without our brains, our hearts and compassion, there can be no love. And everyone is sexier when there's emotions and intimacy involved.

Rawiya said...

Great blog Fiona.

I do enjoy when a man uses his top head before using the one in his pants. ;)