Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rawiya Interviews Michael Mandrake

Rawiya: Greetings fellow divas and dudes, my name is Rawiya, and I am honored to be the first post of the month. For my inaugural blog, it gives me great pleasure to introduce an up and coming writer, who is also my brother, partner in crime, Michael Mandrake. How are you, sir?
Michael: I’m good Rawiya. I tell ya, this is a different setup than the one at Wicked Sexy, huh?
Rawiya: Yep: Readers, BLMorticia could not make it in today. She’s recovering from her night out with one of the bands in town. So, Michael, tell me what got you interested in writing?
Michael: (Clears his throat) Well Rawiya, it all came down to my enjoyment as a story teller. When I figured that to be the case, I tried my hand at writing stories for free sites and ahem, adult sites.
Rawiya: Mhmm, and you told everyone that you were boring.
Michael: (Laughs) I am, just because I’m a bit of a perv doesn’t mean I’m all that fun. Anyway, people were telling me that I should really think about publishing. I thought about it a moment, and after much indecision, I went for it.
Rawiya: And now, months later, you and I are neck in neck in published stories, my friend.
Michael: Yep, but we work as a team, not in competition, Rawiya.
Rawiya: I know, but you know how I am. Okay then, tell the readers about yourself.
Michael: Well, I’m a middle aged gay man, single, still looking for that special partner. I have lots of pals though, in you especially that keep me going. I have a cat, live in a small apartment in Chicago…that’s about it, told ya, boring!
Rawiya: (Laughs) Not at all, let’s get to the latest project. Tell us about it.

Michael: Well, the latest published product is called, “Only When I Lose Myself,” part of the My Sexy Valentine Anthology edited by Sascha Illyvich. It’s an M/M contemporary romance about a musician who falls in love with a young janitor who has a social disorder.
Rawiya: Shyness?
Michael: Nope more, complex. It’s a rare form of ADD. I don’t want to give too much away.
Rawiya: I got ya. I already know the story but tell the SNSD readers the story behind the story?
Michael: Well, the inspiration is from a young man that I had been talking to online that’s in college. He has this rare form of ADD and was telling me about it. I asked him some more questions because I found it quite fascinating. After doing a little research, I came up with the story and these are the results.
Rawiya: It’s a really good story Michael. Secondly, tell us what’s next on the docket for you?
Michael: Well, besides a couple of other shorts that you and I have coming out from various publishers, I am looking to get my first novel out called African Sun. It's a four part series with book one in edits. I hope to get the first two out by summer.
Rawiya: And this is different for you, it is an M/F! (Rawiya laughs)
Michael: Yes, it is. Thanks for the help on hetero sex. I’m very rusty in that department.
Rawiya: Not a problem. Well, before we get outta here, tell us about your first book that is already out. This writing team that we’ve got going only has one sole author book available and that's yours. Congratulations!
Michael: Ah… (He waives his hand) You and BL will get there. It’s called “The True Meaning of Love” from XOXO publishing. It’s about a gay couple, older man, younger man who learn a lesson of love when tragedy strikes their seemingly perfect union. Like “Lose Myself” it was rejected on the first try and picked up on the second. Looking back on it now, I wish I added more. I hope that maybe when African Sun is done, that I’ll revisit it.
Rawiya: That’s awesome and a big kudos to XOXO, they are fantastic. They have worked with both of us. Lastly, do you have a message to our readers?
Michael: Keep reading, it’s the source of imagination and great knowledge. Instead of playing games and turning on the TV, read a book, it'll be more worth your while.
Rawiya: Preferably yours and mine.
Michael: (Laughs) Yes, exactly.
Rawiya: Thank you Michael for being here today, and thank you readers for stopping by.
Michael: Thanks everyone.


Tina Donahue said...

Great post, Rawiya!! My Sexy Valentine looks yummy. :)

Sarah J. McNeal said...

Well, Rawiya, you certainly wrote a unique blog today. Very entertaining and different. I want the man on the cover of My Sexy Valentine. I wish you every success--and Michael Mandrake, too.

Rawiya said...

@Tina! Thank you... Michael and me as well as the crew are very proud!

@Sarah LOL You know I had to be different. Glad you enjoyed...

Judy said...

A very interesting post. I really enjoyed it. Books looks fantastic!!

Fiona McGier said...

Chuckle...I love that your third "partner" couldn't make it, being indisposed. You are a hoot!

Rawiya said...

Thank you Judy. The anthology is a great mix. I had some fantastic co-authors. Amazing people

Rawiya said...

*laughs* thank you Fiona. We all have to be a little out there to be in this business. I hardly ever take myself seriously.

mike arsuaga said...

Very witty. Good luck.