Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm starting to believe in conspiracies!!

I'm seeing evidence all around me!

Okay, before you think I've gone crazy, let me explain. I'm a writer. Those words alone should be a "tell-all" about me. I have a BIG imagination. LOL! So, when things/circumstances start happening to prevent me from writing, I begin to imagine all kinds of reasons. None of them being MY fault, of course.

The economy has affected my Sales. Sure, blame it on that. (It's not their fault that I haven't had time to promote any of my books.) Competition is getting tougher. (Okay, that's a true statement but can I get away with it as an excuse?) The weather here has been too nice for winter and I enjoy being out. (Now, THAT'S just digging too deep for an excuse! LOL!) My life as a 24/7 Caregiver for my dad takes up all my time. (Poor dad, he gets blamed for everything!). I could go on and on with the conspiracy themes, but the truth is I'm blaming everyone but myself.

Writers write. That's the rule. I'm always telling future authors that if you truly want to write, then nothing should stop you. You plow ahead, despite all obstacles. You work around the distractions, problems, etc. and keep a writing schedule every day. If you don't work at it, then you'll never be a published author.

Okay, so how many of you are shaking your head and saying the obvious? "Kari, ever listen to your own advice?" If you could see my red face now....!

So, here's the strategy against any conspiracy to keep you from writing. You face it head on. You ignore everything else. Who cares if the world falls down around you? Write! Ignore the phones, ignore friends, stay off playing on the Internet, ignore ANY distractions. Sit butt in chair and WRITE! Easier said than done? Ahh, but think of the SUCCESS waiting for you. Start counting the published books with your name on the Covers. Smile. Ignore the imaginary conspiracies. And WRITE!

Before signing off, I wanted to THANK everyone for their wonderful support in voting my latest book, SPELL-KISSED, as the Winner for the 2010 Best All Around Book Award! I'm so honored! Please do drop by my site www.authorkari.com and take a look. Here's some more info:

Briana is a Witch with a Glitch. Normally very powerful, she is sometimes rendered helpless when her volatile emotions cause her spells to go awry. Imagine what happens when sexy Detective Hunter enters her life and causes her emotions and hormones to go crazy. Poor Hunter doesnt believe in witches or magic. Man, does he have a surprise coming when Briana accidentally transports them into a parallel world to fight a Sorcerer!

Watch the Trailer here:



By: Kari Thomas

Published By: Black Lyon Publishing, LLC, www.blacklyonpublishing.com

ISBN # 9781934912287


Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Reader, HTML, and PRINT!


Briana froze. Oh my Goddess! She looked up to find three pairs of eyes staring at her. Cynthia’s, her cop son’s, and another man’s. Her mortified gaze locked instantaneously with the stranger’s dark blue-grey eyes. She lost all sense of anything else in the room. Everything about him registered, undyingly embedding into her memory forever.

She could almost feel the magnetic pull of him reaching out to her, drawing her to him with starkly sensual threads like none she’d ever felt before. The incredible, heart-stopping realization shook her to the depths of her soul.

Her first coherent thought was that he had to be the sexiest, most captivating man she’d ever seen. Well over six foot-two-or-three, lean, subtly muscled, wide shouldered, slim hips, long legs, shoulder length midnight black hair, piercing dark blue-grey eyes, and a sculpted face that could grace the cover of a romance novel. Whoa. Be still my heart.

And that’s when it happened. Arousal was her most dangerous emotion. In the blink of an eye, between one breath and the next, it hit her full force at the same time she mentally uttered the last words of the healing spell over the bowl she was holding.

The bowl flew from her hands and sailed unerringly across the short distance between them. Straight at the stranger! In one split second it struck, splattering the gooey mixture all over his face.

She was a witch in serious trouble. No doubt about it.


Kari Thomas


Marie Rose Dufour said...

Some good advice. I tend to fall into the "traps" also. When things are crazy, I don't write. I should just plow through it. Maybe writing will help get through the tough times.

Sarah J. McNeal said...

Congratulations on the release of Spell Kissed. Your blog made me laugh, Kari--very intertaining.

Tina Donahue said...

Oh hon, I so know what you're talking about. :)
Great post!

Delaney Diamond said...

Kari, congrats on your award! As far as writing, I know what you mean. So much can interfere to keep me from doing what I know I need to. I really need to just do it.

Rawiya said...

Great post Kari! I totally agree. A lot can interfere with what you are doing but we love it right?

Congrats on the award... the excerpt sounds awesome

Anonymous said...

THANKS everyone! Its nice knowing Im not the only one who can find those excuses! Too funny, considering ---like Rawiya said: we love it so we HAVE to keep writing!

hugs, Kari

James L. Hatch said...

The problem is, when you write at the expense of everything else, it makes everyone angry. People have expectations and when you don't meet them, there is an undertow of ... resentment. This is a tough line to walk. You want to write, but you really can't, at least not all the time. I wish I knew the answer. Frankly, I've tried to enlist my wife to do promos for me, but she has her own hobbies. Sigh.

Redameter said...

WE must become jugglers to survive our own world, much less the world of the writer. We must balance our personal life with our writing live. It's hard to do. But I think realizing for one thing that you don't have to shut yourself off from the world to write is part of the juggling act. I babysat for years with kids on my knee I wrote. Because I wanted to write.

However, do let me say this, shutting yourself up in a room and ignoring the real world is not the answer. It's not healthy either.

My room is like grand central station, kids coming in every few minutes to tell me soemthing.I babysit a great grand baby. I go to plays and games and birthday parties and I juggle the writing.

But taking breaks from your wiritng is sometimes the best thing you can do. Because you get stagnant too, so don't feel like there is never time, there is always time, in the wee hours of the morning, while the kids are at school, when hubby takes a nap. There's time.

Do away with the schedule to write, and live your life as you should. But if you want to write, you will find the time.... great article.

It doesn't hurt to lose a little sleep.

Love and blessings

Carol L. said...

I have a lot of respect for all of you Authors. We as readers buy the book, read it and love it. But you have put your life's blood into it, research,bringing it all together, promos etc etc.
etc. I can't even imagine.
Carol L.

Paris said...

Congratulations on the award!I've learned to schedule writing time, otherwise that's all I would do, LOL! I've had to learn how to relax so that I don't burn out:)

Loved the excerpt!

Teresa K. said...

Oh Kari,

This sounds like this is going to be a funny and sexy book. Congratulations on the release.

Great excerpt!


Fiona McGier said...

Paris-relax? What's that? Is that when you are not working at any of your jobs, or doing chores, or promoting or writing? Or sleeping? I don't remember ever having time like that.

Kari-great post. If we didn't have such full and busy lives, we wouldn't have such active imaginations...but we also would have time to write! A conundrum to be sure!