Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How to Love Yourself in 2011

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I'm Delaney Diamond. I write contemporary African-American and interracial romance. My first book, titled The Arrangement, was released November 12, 2010 by Amira Press. Join me every first Wednesday of the month to discuss any number of topics, including my interests: cooking, frugal living, traveling, holistic health, and of course, writing.

A full month of 2011 has already slipped by, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still talk about resolving to make changes in our lives.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, love is in the air. Everywhere we go there are red balloons, signs advertising special deals on flowers, and chocolates lining store shelves. Whether or not you’re in a relationship, you can still experience love. How about showing a little love to yourself? Aren’t you worth it? Here’s how you can show yourself some love in 2011.

Forgive yourself. Let it go! Whatever mistakes you made last year or in the past in general, leave them in the past. Experience has taught me this is easier said than done. But everyone makes mistakes, and you can’t move forward in an emotionally healthy way if you don’t forgive yourself.

Eat right. As much as possible, eliminate convenience foods from your diet. Not only will you supply more nutrients to your body, you’ll save money, and you’ll probably lose weight, too. Preparing meals from scratch takes a little extra time than cutting open a package and dumping the contents in a pot, but remember, you’re worth it.

Exercise. Thirty minutes, three to five days per week can make a difference in how you feel and is good for your heart. Take a walk on the treadmill. Go roller skating, take yoga, or go for a swim. Just get moving! Always consult a physician before you begin any exercise program.

Indulge in your favorite pastime. No more excuses about I don’t have time for this or I don’t have time for that. Do a crossword puzzle, go dancing, take a road trip, or read a book. If you must, add it to your calendar and don’t miss that appointment.

So tell me, how do you plan to love yourself in 2011?


Delaney Diamond writes sensual and sweet romance novels. Coming in February: a short, sensual read for Valentine's Day titled Subordinate Position from XOXO Publishing.

The Arrangement is her debut release, available now from Amira Press. Read Chapter One on the Books page at www.delaneydiamond.com. Subscribe to her blog or join her and the other romance lovers on Facebook.

Blurb for The Arrangement:

Brazilian millionaire, Leonardo da Silva, is still seething from when his African-American wife, Alexa, walked out on him four months ago. Now she’s in his office asking for a business loan to help her brother. Instead of a loan, he’s willing to give her the money, but only if she resumes her role as his wife for the next two months. She reluctantly agrees, and she soon finds herself wishing their arrangement was permanent. But when she finds out about Leonardo’s betrayal, there may be no way for them to mend their broken marriage.


Tina Donahue said...

Good advice, Delaney - and The Arrangement sounds wonderful. May you have many happy sales. :)

Sarah J. McNeal said...

I love your blog, Delaney. So often people forget to honor and love themselves. Very good advice. The Arrangement looks like an excellent story and the cover is beautiful. I wish you all the best.

Delaney Diamond said...

Glad you liked the post, Sarah and Tina. The Arrangement has been well-received, so I'm happy. It was an All Romance Ebooks bestseller, and I've been pleased with much of the feedback I've received.

Marie Rose Dufour said...

Great advice. It's important to treat yourself right. Can't wait to read The Arrangement

Delaney Diamond said...

Marie, I agree, it's important to treat ourselves right--and without the guilt. I hope you enjoy The Arrangement.

Niambi said...

Delaney, all great points. If we don't then who will? :)
I'm glad you listed forgiving ourselves - that opens up the way for good to find us.

Delaney Diamond said...

Niambi, forgiving ourselves is so important, I had to place it at number one. Our mental/emotional health can affect us physically, too, so we definitely need to make sure our minds are right.

Thanks for stopping by!

Paris said...

Delaney, you made some wonderful points and I do agree with treating yourself well. I'm looking forward to The Arrangement!

Redameter said...

It's funny, God forgives us every day, and yet we continue to be hard on ourselves. Forgiveness is something that sometimes has to be learned. Thanks for the reminder.

Love and blessing

Delaney Diamond said...

Thank you, Paris. If we love ourselves first, we can be a better partner to our loved ones. Thanks for checking out The Arrangement. I hope you enjoy it.

Delaney Diamond said...

Rita, that's true. It's also true that we find it easier to forgive others than ourselves. Odd, isn't it?

Fiona McGier said...

Hey Delaney, you are certainly right about loving yourself...if you don't, how do you expect anyone else to? Loving yourself is also a healthy choice because it means you won't allow anyone else to mistreat you, because you'll know you deserve better.
BTW, I've read some of the excerpts you've run of your book...makes me wanna go show myself some serious love, if you get my meaning! (wink)

She said...

Good post. Lots of good ideas in it. My plan this year is to just do what makes me happy. If I want to read a book I will, if I want to sleep I will, if I want to go out to dinner I will, whatever makes me happy is what I will do.

Delaney Diamond said...

Agreed, Fiona. If we love ourselves, we'll recognize right away when we don't receive what we deserve. Oh, and I'm glad my excerpts could help. I do what I can (haha).

Delaney Diamond said...

She, thanks. I'm glad you liked the ideas. I second doing what makes us happy. Life's to short to spend it being unhappy.

Rawiya said...

Great post Delaney, a lot of great points

Delaney Diamond said...

Thanks, Rawiya! I hope the storm passes soon so life can get back to normal for you.