Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day - and CONGRATS to the winners of the SNSD launch contest!!!

Hope all of you have the most fantastic Valentine's Day ever, whether it's with a spouse, significant other, family, friends or all of the above.

And now the Sweet 'n Sexy Divas winners - those two lucky individuals who'll split the ebooks so graciously donated by many, many authors.

First, here's the list of books the two winners get to split:

Prey for the Wolf - Kari Thomas

Sensual Stranger - Tina Donahue

The Violin - Sarah McNeal

Winner's Choice of backlist - Stephanie Julian

Educating Aphrodite and Taming a Highland Devil - Kimberly Killion

Reveal Me - Caril Quinn

Alien Mate 3 or Scared of Spiders - Eve Langlais

The Arrangement - Delaney Diamond

Demonic Persuasion and Flaws and All - Mahalia Levey

Love Me Once Love Me Twice - Sandy Sullivan

Winner's Choice of backlist - Pat Brown

Ræliksen (Book 1 of the Emerald Isle Trilogy) - Renee Vincent

Sweet Christmas Anthology - Kristal McKerrington

Changing Cherry - Berengaria Brown

Accompanied by a Waltz, Love Means...No Shame, and Spot Me - Andrew Grey

Adam's Treasure and Lila's Vow - Diane Wylie

Head Over Heels - Paris Brandon

A Wicked Ride - Avril Ashton

A Valentine Collection - Cheryl Pierson

Christmas Anthology and The True Meaning of Love - Rawiya

Scared of Spiders - Eve Langlais

Secret Love - Fiona McGier

Good Cop, Bad Girl - Paige Tyler

Cross the Line - Rie McGaha

Stormy Wedding - Kelli Scott

Erotikos - Shannon Leigh

Let's Pretend - Monique DeVere

The Wolf & the Druidess - Cornelia Amiri

Under Cover of Night and A Gentleman's Savior - Charlene Roberts

Beyond the Dream Catcher and Hannah's Man (two copies of each - one to each winner) - Rita Hestand

Intimate Persuasions, Love Knows No Boundaries, Sudden Devotion, Sweet Redemption, Sweet Salvation and Sweet Vengeance - Nicole Morgan

And now for their names (chosen at random - drum roll please)

Winner # 1 - LISA RICHARDS

Winner #2 - CATHY M

Congrats, ladies!!! We'll be contacting you shortly for transfer of your prizes.

To everyone else - thanks soooo much for making our launch such a great success. Throughout the year, we'll be running all kinds of contests, so stayed tuned!!  :)


Tina Donahue said...

Congrats to our winners!!! You lucky ladies, you - you're getting a great bunch of books. :)

Sarah J. McNeal said...

Congratulations to our winners.You lucky Divas!
I want to thank everyone who participated in our launch and to the all our members who continually support us by contributing and commenting on our blog and who show their support and interest by participating on our loop. All of you have made it such a wonderful experience for Tina and I. We could have never done any of this without your encouragement and kind support. Thank you so much.

Delaney Diamond said...

CONGRATULATIONS to the lucky ladies!!

Redameter said...

Congrats to the winners. How wonderful and what a day to get all these books.

Happy Valentine's everyone!!!!

Artemis said...

Congrats and Happy Reading!

Renee Vincent said...

Congratulations Cathy and Lisa!!! What a great day to be a SNSD follower!!!
Hope you enjoy RÆLIKSEN!

Cathy M said...

Oh wow, thank you all for your congrats, this is the very best kind Valentine's Day present, BOOKS!!! What a fabulous list of authors and books, I am beyond thrilled. And what a great week of reading I've got to look forward too!!

Sarah J. McNeal said...

Hey Cathy. I was beginning to think you weren't going to step forward and claim your prize. Could you please get in touch with Tina so she can email you all your books?
Congratulations, Cathy.

Paris said...

Congratulations, ladies! Happy reading:)

Fiona McGier said...

Congrats to the winners! Boy, I can see some people not getting much sleep over the next coupla weeks, since so many great books will be calling to you! Enjoy.

Lisa R/alterlisa said...

WooHoo! Thanks so much!

Carol L. said...

Congrats Kathy and Lisa, you lucky ladies you. :) Enjoy.
Carol L