Monday, January 31, 2011

How Writing for Leisure Led Me Here

I was having a hard time deciding what to share today. I have a few new releases I could promo, but then I thought…why don’t I introduce the characters that led me into publishing. I’ve written them off and on now for a bit over five years. Having them in my head has been a joy at times and pure hell at other times. So how do I cram so many years into a small post? I bring in the light of their world. Who happens to be an adorable young Wiccan-were named Lyric.

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Me: “Hey Lyric how are you doing today?”

Lyric: “I’m good. I got to play with Havi my baby brova today. So what’ca doin? coz you know being a big sister is hard work. He’s not like the dolls in my room.”

Me:” I can only imagine. Well poppet some friends of mine want to know all about your family, and I thought you’d be the best person to answer.”

Lyric looks at me like duh of course and I cross my legs and wait for her incessant chatter to begin.

Lyric: “Hmmm. There’s lotsa people in my family. We got’s Sin but I calls her mama, and Rhys my papa who I call papi. Pampa and g’ma are in heaven but I see them when I want. Shhh. Mama don’t know I call them to me sometimes. Hugs aren’t the same though coz they’re kinda see through. Lyric shrugs.”

Me: “Just how big is your family Lyric?”

Lyric: “Ohhhh it’s vera big. We gots lotsa love. G’ma used to say it’s coz we’s Hispantic and that’s how hispantic families just are. Only thing is not much fun being the only girl. Mama her was the only girl and the guys neva lets her do stuff, even now and she’s big.”

Me: “Oh?”

Lyric: “Umhm. They even was gonna marry hers to someone she didn’t know, but they found out she was with papi and boy was Kavar mad. Hims big with a big temper and he’s the HOF, so we gots to mind him.”

Me: “Well that must have been hard. You’re pretty little, how do you know so much?”

Lyric: Silly coz I’m Lyr and I’m a big girl not little. I’m five now. I gets to go to the school they teaches at. Is a big magic place where my cozins all make people get smart.”

Me: “Really?”

Lyric: Yeps, and cozin Troy he likes to take girls to the broom closet. I saw him once, dunno what she lost that he had to take her in the dark . But Troy’s not the only one who does that.”

Me: “How many cousins are there?” Watching the munchkin count is cute.

Lyric: “Kavar, and Stephan and Santiago and Jaxvair ,and Roarke,and Valerian,and Trenton, and Troy, and Demarq and Uncle Samuel. Cozin Kavi and Stephan and Santigao and Jaxvair are way old. The others are young mama says horny dogs of satan all the time. Donno what that means though.”

Me: “That’s a lot of guys.”

Lyric: “You don’t wanna know what she did to them it was very bad.”

Me: Do tell.

Lyric: She had them all come over and I gots to play tea party and give them cakes and lemonade coz guys don’t do girly tea and she sent me to my room to play but… I listen’d coz she was so vera mad with them. Well, she did a naughty, and they was sick and frowing up and it smelled and then her yelled, and it was loud. I never saw so much nasty puke in forever.

But you know what? They didn’t make her date no one, left her alone and then she brought home papi to meet me. He’s got such a deep voice, him goes to sing places and girls like him like lots, but he’s crazy bout me, mama and Havi.”

Me: "Sounds like your mama has lots of people who cherish her."

Lyric:“Mama says they's overwatch her, they drive her mad. So mad shhh. She ran away and mated a human, cept he wasn’t really a human turns out. But I knew all along. Is my gift.”

Me: “That’s great. I mean bad that she ran away but good she fell in love.”

Lyric: “Boys are gross cept my Havi. He’s only gross when his butt stinks.”

Me: “So Lyric tell me about your mama.”

Lyric: “Ohhh mama is the bestest in the world. She sings and bakes and plays with me and she’s teaching me chaka.. chakarahs well crystals is easier to say. She’s very pretty and I got to play with the family spell book. She’s very brave too. Got kidnapped when I was in her belly. The cozins say she doesn’t listen and they hope I’m easier than her was.” Lyric stops to smooth her dress.”

Shhh. “But I wouldn’t listen either coz they’s not always right. Mama says it’s coz they think with their little brain but I donno what that means either. Guess guys have two brains but that’d make’em smarter not dumber.”

Me: “Well maybe when you’re older.”

Lyric: “Everyone says that you know maybe I’ll ask them ghosts that are on our property.”

Me: “Ghosts?”

Lyric: “I feel bad for them for being stuck. I bet they can tell me all kindsa things.”

Me: “Interesting. So how is it living on a big ranch?”

Lyric: “I have a horse Princess and I get to play wif the mouser cats. Papi he put the house on lockdown and grounded mama though.”

Me: “Grounded mama?”

Lyric: “Mama, he says is a curious kitty. Her’s always getting into something. He shoulda never taken her to see him fight in the pit. Is not fun to be grounded. I got grounded once coz I played in the book and became a big girl. Mama’s soldier friends is so nice and bring me stuff and I thought I could be Wade’s wife coz he’s my favorite but I gots caught and papi and mama were mad.”

Me: “Pit fighting? Spells?”

Lyric: “Yeah well when he thought mama was dead and I was dead he kinda went loco mama says. Is a long story but Kavar had a not so nice girlfriend and we ended up in a bad bad place but they was nice to mama and me and well we got home and papi was happy but he had to go fight so he took mama wif him and she thought if he could she could. I heard her talkin to Katy her’s mama’s best friend and cozin Marq’s mate. Her’s an ocelet while we’s tigers.”

Me: “Interesting. Not nice to eavesdrop though.”

Lyric: “Well Havi gets boring after a bit and listenin to them is better than chores. No was not good. He ordered her not to go and she went and used magic and we got sent to the magical nanny sos he could go fetch her.”

Me: “You certainly have a lively family.”

Lyric: “Well whad’ya spect we’s tigers and witches. Mama don’t like that so I say wiccan coz she don’t have a broom or black hat and she’s a healer. I got to go do my chores so I can ride my horse and go check Havi. Bye.”

Me: “Thank you Lyric for chatting.”

Lyric: “You are welcome, mama said was okay ya know. Sides, next time I can talk bout my godfather Maleck and my godbrova Trey.”

Hope you all enjoyed Lyrics visit! Come by and look at the family photo album. Note I don't own any of the pics they just resemble the characters running amuck in my head!

The Family Album


Tina Donahue said...

I love it, Hales!! What a delightful interview and a cute idea. :)

Sarah J. McNeal said...

I want to know who that adorable child is in that picture, Hales. An enchanting idea for a blog and so sweet.

Tracy said...

Oh that's adorable!

Hales said...

Thanks Sarah! I found her on line so it doesn't belong to me :)I was tempted to use my neice Lexi's picture but my sis wasn't avail to okay it.

Everybody loves Lyric. The yahoo loop I've posted the story on for a few years enjoys when I pop in with her and writing her is so much fun.

Children see things differently so writing it through their eyes is not only challenging but a way to look outside of the box. Sometimes I miss reading a good romance with children in it, I think they liven it up a bit more and give us glimpses through their reactions that are more meaningful

Hales said...

Thanks Tracy!

Edward Kendrick said...

Lyr,Lyr,Lyr. -shaking my head- Young lady you are quite something. Good interview however. -chuckling in amusement-

Hales said...

LOL! Eddo you've been around since before she was born Sin says you love Lyr more than her!

Rawiya said...

Oh that was awesome. Quite a lovely idea! She is such a cute character!

Nicely done Hales!


Hales said...

Thanks Rawiya!

Redameter said...

Interesting way to do a blog!

Carol L. said...

What a great idea. She's precious. I also loved the slide show. Antonio Banderas is a beautiful man.
Carol L

Hales said...

Thanks Rita and Carol!

Fiona McGier said...

I agree Hales, that writing kid characters in a romance can be fun. But it's a delicate balance to not have them be so precocious that they become unbelievable. Good job with the blog!

Hales said...

Thanks Fiona!

Judy said...

That was really a neat idea. I really enjoyed the interview.Slide show was fantastic!!


Hales said...

Thanks Judy I like to treat people to new things :)