Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Contemporary Virgin

Contrary to what the title above says, I am not going to talk about a modern-day romance heroine who has saved herself for Mr. Right. I'm talking about myself. And no! I'm not trying to say, that throughout my near-forty years of life, I've upheld a level of chasteness through abstaining from sexual intercourse. Come on, who are we kidding? Let's face it...I'm a romance author and I have two children.

What I'm referring to is the fact that I've just finished writing my very first contemporary romance novel and I am no longer a contemporary virgin. I've made the leap from being only an historical romance author to the oh-the-possibilities-are-endless contemporary genre! And I must say, it was an eye-opening experience.

For one, the research was not quite as extensive as what is required for a well-written historical. And that was a very nice change of pace. Plus, I was able to just cruise right along in the dialogue department. No worrying about whether certain words existed, or whether that common phrase circa'ed one hundred years after my hero lived. I felt like someone had opened the cage door. Unshackled the ball and chain from my ankles. Set me free. Let me run wild with no restrictions or rules.

Now, don'g get me wrong...historicals are my favorite and they will always have a special place in my heart for both reading them and writing them. But, to experience, first hand, the differences in writing a contemporary novel versus an historical, was truly exciting and immensely rewarding. Especially when I wrote the last line of the story and met my deadline.

So, I thought I'd share a little about my upcoming April release. It was only supposed to be an ebook (novella), but it turns out I wrote enough words for it to also be available in print. And that really makes me happy, because from the moment I saw my cover, I wanted this groundbreaking contemporary novel (groundbreaking for me, anyway) to be available in print so I could hold and cradle the product of my lost contemporary virginity.

Silent Partner
By Renee Vincent


Grayson Anders has it all. He’s the co-owner of a happening nightclub in downtown Boston, he’s wealthy, and women practically throw themselves at his feet the moment he steps on the dance floor. But profiting from these obvious benefits is not his desire. His passion is dancing and he wants nothing more than to find the perfect dance partner.

Chloe LaRoche is a talented artist, but a failing entrepreneur. Her once thriving studio is now on the brink of foreclosure and unless she paints the next Van Gogh Starry Night, she’ll have to cut her losses and say goodbye to her quaint little gallery. Fearing her career is at an end, she drags herself to the local hot spot, determined to drown her worries in the bottom of a shot glass. At least that was the plan…until she lays eyes on a wickedly sexy, swarthy dancer in the club—Grayson Anders.

Unable to resist, Chloe finds herself in Grayson’s arms, indulging in a passionate, out-of-control, one night stand. And when they awaken the next morning, they are both consumed with inspiration.

Grayson finds his perfect dance partner and Chloe finally finds her muse. But, will her secret destroy both their dreams?


Tina Donahue said...

I so identify with you, Renee. I've made the leap from contemporary to paranormal and it was quite a journey!! I love the premise of Silent Partner. May you have many happy sales! :)

Rawiya said...

I love the storyline! Congrats. And yes, I agree, I like contemporary a lot more. I do love the historicals as reads though! ;D

Nice post!

Renee Vincent said...

Thanks Tina and Rawiya! So glad you like the premise of my next book. It was so awesome to write about Grayson...he is one hot Alpha Male!

Kathy Otten said...

Hi Renee,
Nice to put a picture to the banner at the bottom of all your emails. :) That is a fantastic cover and your premise sounds a little different. Secrets intrigue me. I'll be watching for it.

Delaney Diamond said...

Sounds like a great story, Renee. I love historical romance novels, but I read plenty of contemporary, too. Glad you finally lost your virginity. (lol)

Cheryl Pierson said...

Hey Renee,
Congratulations! I remember after I wrote my first contemporary how I felt--you described this perfectly! LOL I love the historicals, too, but the contemporaries are "freeing" to write, aren't they? This looks like one awesome story, girl.

Virginia C said...

Hello, Renee! "Silent Partner" sounds terrific! No matter which genre in which you choose to write, I know that you will spin an intriguing, involving, heart-satisfying romantic tale!
I think that curiosity and change and new experiences are intrinsic to an author’s continued enthusiasm for their work. If an author lost their “joie de vivre”–”joy of life/living”–then their work would suffer. Thankfully, my favorite authors (both old and new) have not lost their enthusiasm for life and love. Neither have I : ) If I like an author’s work, then I will follow them from genre to genre. I have been pleasantly surprised and found some new reading trails by following the leads of my favorite writers!

Paris said...

Renee, your new contemporary sounds wonderful and I can't wait until April! I love the cover and kudos to you for trying something different. It's always fun to push the envelope and try something new. Looking forward to reading "Silent Partner"!

Anonymous said...

Hi Renee! I love the cover of Silent Partner and the blurb was great. I will have to add this to my "to be read" list.

Fiona McGier said...

I love the cover! And I prefer contemporaries to read and write because I don't get frustrated by morality and conventions that I don't believe in, and I think birth control was the best thing to ever be invented, allowing women to enjoy themselves as much as men always have! Good luck with this one!

Kristal McKerrington said...

Congrats hun, its great to see you on here. Kristal x

Redameter said...

Funny, I've taken the leap in the exact opposite, from contemporary to historical. But it doesn't really matter, they are all exciting. In fact, I've got an idea for another series for female modern day cowgirls. I've got one a third of the first book written. But I enjoy recreating the western and exploring the more "did that really happen" possibilities.

I love research and have learned so much through the years about writing that it is now just pure fun to delve into something new. You get to a point where it just doesn't scare you any longer.

Good luck with the contemporaries. Never be afraid to jump right out there and explore new territory. Who knows you might become really famous for it.

Many sales and happy trails to you.

Love and blessings

The Viking Princess said...

Okay, this might be a stupid question but did you watch Dancing With The Stars?

Sarah J. McNeal said...

Silent Partner looks like a wonderful story. I like the artistic heroine and her failing studio. I think it's always a test of courage to try writing in a new genre so I commend you for that. I loved your title for this blog, Renee. You know it caught my attention.
I wish you major success with Silent Partner.

Katalina Leon said...

It's so exciting to branch out and sample fresh frontiers! Silent Partner sounds wonderful and I wish you much success.
PS Gorgeous cover!

Deanna Jewel said...

Just stopping by to say hi, congrats, way to go, and best of luck with sales. I've no doubt this book will hit the top also! Can't wait to read it, Renee...absolutely love the cover!! Wow!

Your writing style will follow you into whatever you choose to write...it's part of who you are!

JM said...

Congratulations Chickie! What a rockin' cover. I'm so happy for you. I can't imagine writing anything but contemporary, and maybe a little paranormal. Historicals are another beast entirely, and I applaud anyone who goes through the ordeal of writing one.
Welcome to the club!

Bobbye Terry said...

Wonderful storyline and congrats on the cross-over. It is quite different but can be very fulfilling.

Judy said...

Congrats on your new release in a new genre. I love the cover and the story looks really good.

Anonymous said...

Your Contemporary step sounds like a great book, Renee; Congrats! Love that cover too! I know what you mean. I write mostly in the Paranormal Romance genre and when I wrote my one and only Contemporary I had soooo much fun with it I thought about doing another one! LOL!

Wishing you great Sales!

hugs, Kari Thomas, www.authorkari.com

Renee Vincent said...

Kathy Thanks Kathy! I love that banner too! And you can be sure I'll let you know when Silent Partner releases!

Delaney haha I'm glad I finally lost it too!

Cheryl Thanks so much! And yes, writing this contemporary was VERY "freeing". I especially enjoyed the "normal" conversations the hero and his friend had in the story - the great back and forth banter!
(((hugs))) to you too!

Virginia I remember the first time I realized that Jayne Ann Krentz was Amanda Quick! Took me aback that I had been reading them both for years, and loving them both, only to find out that there was a good explanation as to why! Ha! Thanks so much for visiting!

Paris Thanks for the well wishes, dear!

Casey I have a big smile on my face now because of this: I will have to add this to my "to be read" list. Thank you so much! April 18th is its release week!

Fiona I never used to read contemporaries....but I've recently started to read them and I'm HOOKED!

Kristal Thanks so much! Great to see you too! Thanks for stopping in and visiting with me.

Rita I'm like you..I LOVE the research. I love learning knew things about history that they don't teach you in schools and incorporating it in a story. But I think going from writing contemporary to historical would be more difficult a change than what I've done. So kudos to you!

Viking Princess Believe it or not, no! I've never seen one episode. I'm a "So You Think You Can Dance" fan. And I love to dance myself. My whole family and I love to dance and I have to say, we're pretty darn good at it....so this story has been brewing in me for a while. :-)

Sarah Glad I could grab your attention. I figured I would with a title like that. Thanks for inviting me to be a contributing author on this awesome blog. I know I am going to love it here!

Katalina Thanks for being here for me darlin! I am very grateful for the company.

Deanna Your words are so sweet and I am so touched by them. Thank you for being such a lovely friend.

JM Glad to be in the club! And from this wonderful welcome, I know there will be many more contemporaries coming out of me. Thanks for stopping by!

Bobbye You said that right! And thanks for coming over, my fellow TMP author!

Judy So glad the cover is a big hit. Dara England designed it! I loved it the second I saw it!

Kari That is one genre I am not so sure about. I think Paranormals would be very difficult to write. Who knows, maybe one day....
Thanks for lending your support. That means the world to me.

Estella said...

Great looking cover!

Renee Vincent said...

Thanks Estella! I love it too!

Chicks of Characterization said...

Hey Renee! This book sounds fabulous!

Renee Vincent said...

Thanks so much Andrea!!! So glad you could stop in!

Carol L. said...

Renee, I love the whole storyline in your new Contemporary. Congrats and I wish you many sales. I'll be looking out for it. Great looking cover as well.
Carol L

Brenda Hyde said...

Oh wow Renee-- this was such a good excerpt. It may be your first contemporary but I think you nailed it! Congrats:)

Renee Vincent said...

Carol L. Thank you so much! That means the world to me. You know I'll be sending out notices of its release.

Brenda Thanks darlin!